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Technical excellence in Agile web development

Agile manifesto mentions technical excellence as a core of the methodology. The performance and security of your website are crucial. But what does it take to excel at web development? How does it affect your business, and most importantly, the end user? Our developers talk about various topics related to technical excellence in web development – read their articles below.

What is technical debt in Agile – definition, examples & how to deal with it

Technical debt is a metaphor for the shortcuts that we take in software development. In the same way that financial debt can be useful when it helps you to achieve your goals quicker, technical debt can make sense when it enables you to get something working quickly. These shortcuts come at the cost of increased development effort in future releases—effort that may be impossible to predict, but which can often be significant.

What is velocity in agile projects: when, where, and how much?

In agile, velocity is a concept which refers to the amount of work that has been done during an iteration. It’s a measurement that tracks information about work completed, work started, and work remaining. Velocity is considered to be one of the most important metrics in agile. Not only does it allow you to track progress, but it also helps deliver the most value.

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

WordPress owes a lot of its popularity to plugins. Being able to expand the functionality of your website with a single click is convenient and efficient. The features range from simple quality of life improvements to advanced ecommerce solutions. But the convenience comes at a price. Using too many WordPress plugins can lead you down the rabbit hole.

Things to consider when searching for a website host

Even a perfectly optimised website is only as good as its hosting. However, businesses tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right website host. That’s because the differences between providers are not easy to understand. Everyone advertises as the best, the fastest, and quite often the cheapest. Here’s what we’ve learned about website hosts when choosing a best-in-class partner for our websites.

8 things your website absolutely needs right now

Wouldn’t you assume your new car comes with an attached steering wheel? Of course, you would. For one, it’s a legal requirement, but also otherwise the vehicle is declared useless. When we consider products, we take some of their traits for granted. When was the last time you questioned a supplier if their wristwatch arrives with a strap or if a kettle includes the heating element? Naturally, each manufacturer stands out by implementing innovative gimmicks, but at the end of the day, the product gist remains untouched. Websites aren’t any different. Or are they?


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