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How to Improve SEO Without Creating Content

Content is the key to ranking on search engines, but an overhaul of your copy is not always the answer to your SEO problems. Today we’ll show you why SEO isn’t what you think it is. You’ll learn about the overlooked aspects of website optimisation that influence how Google rates – and ranks – your website.

20+ Types of Conversions and Micro Conversions You Can Track and How to Do It

Tracking conversions is the key to making your website more profitable. However, the basic approach of only assigning a conversion to a sale won’t drive digital business growth. Here are all the conversion types that you can track on your website and how to do it.

We’ve Analyzed 50 Coaching Websites – Here’s How They’re Missing out on Clients

The coaching industry is booming, but the growth isn’t reflected in its digital presence. From a complete lack of branding, through technical issues, to missing convenient contact methods – here are the biggest problems you need to address right away, based on our thorough analysis of 50 coaching websites.

What Is User Experience and Why It’s Crucial for Website Sales

If you need to build a business website, you’ve heard the term “user experience” countless times. You acknowledge you need a website that is easy to use for everyone to sell more. And while most of the responsibility for that falls on your web agency, there are several important bits you need to know about UX as the website manager.

How to Use A/B Testing to Improve a Low Traffic Website

High-traffic websites run A/B tests and decide on a variant that works better. In the case of a low traffic website, this isn’t possible. You would either have to wait forever for the arrival of any meaningful data, or invest a lot of money from the get-go. We assume none of these options is viable, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

How to Find Traffic Sources of a Website and What They Mean for Your Business

What if we told you that you can quickly learn about your audience from Google Analytics? All of the necessary data lies in Google’s tool – and you don’t need advanced reports to uncover it. Fear not, it’s not as hard as it seems. We’re aware that Google Analytics can be an unituitive tool. Sometimes it confuses us as well! But we truly believe it’s not reserved for web analysts. Everyone can benefit from it, and we’ll show you how to learn more about your visitors by looking at website traffic sources.

Common Digital Marketing Problems

Changing markets and growing customer expectations proved to be challenging for most B2B businesses. Marketing teams face several problems, some of which can be solved by optimising their digital marketing workflows. Learn how to solve the most common digital marketing problems by having the right approach to your business website.

Google Analytics Custom Reports – Web Analytics Reports For Businesses

We have browsed the Google Analytics Solutions Library and hand-picked the best Google Analytics custom reports and dashboards for any site, from simple business brochures to large e-commerce stores. Importing the reports only takes two simple steps, and each report comes with quick instructions on how to make the most out of it.

Website Navigation Analysis – How To Improve Website Navigation in 5 Easy

In this article, we’ll show you a few not-so-obvious Google Analytics reports and filters. These tricks will help you optimise your customer journey and navigation for desktop and mobile devices.

Google Search Statistics Crucial For Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential if you want your business to thrive in the modern world. Google is at the heart of many marketing campaigns but the search giant rarely shares the behavioural data about its visitors. Whether you can access such data could make or break your next PPC or SEO campaign. Thanks to the efforts of Moz and Jumpshot, we can shed more light on the Google search trends.

5 Overlooked Social Media Benefits for Businesses

Content marketing, advertising and lead generation are not the only ways in which social media affects businesses. Our list of the most overlooked benefits of social platforms will allow you to look at your social media strategy with a fresh eye. Our quick tips will help you get the most value out of marketing through social media.

What Can We Learn From Disney’s Website Navigation

Website navigation has more purposes than just being there to guide your visitors. It’s there to give us virtual ground under our feet and reveal the content of the site. A good navigation tells us how to use a website and is one of the main factors new visitors use to judge your site.

What Is Bounce Rate and How to Reduce It

While the definition of bounce rate is pretty straightforward, the implications of different values for various types of websites aren’t. The metric represents single-page visits to your site that end without further interaction. But does that mean high bounce rate is always bad? And on the contrary, is low bounce rate always good? How is it different from the exit rate? Let’s find out.

Lead Generation Techniques for Your Website That Simply Work

In the right hands, your website can become a powerful tool for lead generation. If it’s not purely informational or brand-oriented, there’s a chance you’re missing out on some great opportunities. We’ve compiled a list of methods that will help you generate more leads through your website.

3 Best Web Analytics Plugins for WordPress

You can’t overemphasize the importance of web analytics. Disregarding them in web development is like running a business without financial reports. If you’re investing in something it’s necessary to track the return on your investment. Analytics plugins do just that. They provide metrics to improve not only user experience, but also the conversion rate on your site.

8 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs Right Now

Wouldn’t you assume your new car comes with an attached steering wheel? Of course, you would. For one, it’s a legal requirement, but also otherwise the vehicle is declared useless. When we consider products, we take some of their traits for granted. When was the last time you questioned a supplier if their wristwatch arrives with a strap or if a kettle includes the heating element? Naturally, each manufacturer stands out by implementing innovative gimmicks, but at the end of the day, the product gist remains untouched. Websites aren’t any different. Or are they?