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Our team in the media

Sharing knowledge is crucial for our agile business. Members of our team are frequently featured and quoted by digital media outlets such as Lifewire, Built In and Hotjar.


Experts say Opera’s emoji URLs aren’t going to take off

Rob Rich explores Opera’s idea to partner with Yat to introduce emoji URLs to the web browser. We’ve purchased our own emoji URL via other means (just try typing “🤓🐮.to” into your browser) so our product manager, Dawid, has offered his thoughts on the subject.


How two weeks of web development nearly tripled conversions

We constantly use Hotjar to gain insight into customer behaviour. In one of our projects, we’ve improved the clients’ conversions by 244%. This caught the eye of Hotjar’s editors, earning us a featured story where Tomasz explains the value behind session recordings and gathering visitor feedback.

Built In

Kanban vs. Scrum: Which is right for your team?

Learn about the differences between Scrum and Kanban from Agile professionals, including our Product Manager, Dawid. Jeff Link writes about choosing the right methodology based on your work culture, budget, and more.


Escape the creative rut

Tomasz shares his perspective on finding inspiration in the moments we least expect it.


Expert review of WP Engine, a leading WordPress hosting platform

Dawid talked about our experience with our hosting partner, WP Engine, in a great roundup of the platform on Digital.com.

Content Harmony

20 content refresh case studies & examples

We’ve used quick wins to drive more visibility in Google to one of our cornerstone articles, which was recognised by Content Harmony.


Ecommerce email marketing: 8 strategies to improve performance

Learn how to set up one-off marketing automation that will help you rescue abandoned orders.


14 daily standup formats to try with your team

We’ve shared a tip that improved our daily standup with the writers of Parabol, a tool helping Agile teams with their meetings.


12 Popular eCommerce Trends 2021: From the Experts

Dawid makes the case for major improvements in website accessibility for ecommerce businesses in a roundup of trends in the industry.


20 underused Google Analytics reports for deeper insight

Dawid joins other professionals to guide you through the “reports jungle” that is Google Analytics.

Idea Grove

68 tips for designing a trust-centred website

There are lots of “hacks” that build trust – but it’s best to learn what’s needed straight from the source.


19 SEO Myths to Ignore in 2023

Dawid shares why AI won’t replace your SEO. You can use it to streamline workflows, but not to publish raw generated content.


Remote employees concerned about mental health

Learn how Tomasz helped build a sense of community at NerdCow in a new remote setting.

Pointed Copywriting

What Every SEO Wishes Content Writers Would Know

Together with 9 other SEO professionals, Dawid shares what content writers can do to get the best results in search engines with the least effort.


The Anatomy of a Good HARO Pitch

Learn how to reach out to journalists through services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and Help a B2B Writer. The Intergrowth article showcases 13 tips directly from the people that have landed several successful pitches.


How Rank Trackers Can Help Improve Organic Search Presence

Keyword.com has featured the outcomes of our SEO strategy to build trust with their readers. The article includes contributions about rank tracking from several other professionals.

Press enquiries

Sharing knowledge is a huge part of our mission to make the Web better for everyone. Our team frequently collaborates with journalists who require quotes on a subject of:

  • the Agile methodology in business and software development
  • web design and user experience
  • the agency life and business development
  • Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing

We can also help by providing evidence to back up the conclusions in your article if we have reliable data on the topic. This could include reports from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and our own research.