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The Overview of Our Unique Agile Web Design Process

Welcome to the full overview of a unique agile web design process. It focuses on your organisation’s needs and objectives, your customer requirements, and finally, you and only you throughout the project.

Download a PDF infographic for your reference.

Process stages

1 week

The Foundation

Before we dive deep into web design and development, we take one week to get to know you and your business.

We help you assemble a team for the Prototyping workshops and discover your pain points. This part of the process is all about focusing on the needs of your organisation and gives us a valuable opportunity for research before kicking off prototyping in the Web Design Sprints.

More about The Foundation
1 or 2 weeks


Prototyping contributes the most value and remains our all-time favourite part of every project that lasts one or two weeks.

We start with understanding your requirements, identifying pain points, and setting a goal. Then we shift our attention to your customer, their interactions, and their needs. In return, we bridge the gap to make the site perfect for each user.

More about Prototyping
2 weeks or more


Production is where we hop into the trenches. As we enter that stage, we shift our attention once more – to you. Here, we build a functional website based on a user-tested blueprint from the Prototyping step and your additional requirements.

The end result is a unique web experience for your organisation and customers, with SEO and accessibility all baked in.

More about Production

What is the web design process about?

First of all, we would like to explain what this process is about. That is: why we invented it, who it is for and how it helps. We hope such an introduction will paint a bigger picture and perhaps invite other agencies to try something new in their project routine. Also, if you are a business owner, you can execute all segments of the process in-house which is pretty awesome. Maybe apart from the last phase, unless you have a team of user interface designers and web developers at your disposal.

Why did we put it together?

There are many reasons, but the most blinding one is that we found the web design industry in a bad shape, and we didn’t like it. The adopted model of working tipped the scale in favour of inconveniences which caused the backlog of many problems.

Yet, not much was happening in order to fix it. Our founder experienced those issues first-hand when working as a full-stack developer for a few marketing agencies: constant tug of war between the client and the agency, extended and missed deadlines time after time, ever-mounting pressure on the team members, unhealthy resources management, tainted relationships both internally and externally, exchanging blames for the things that went wrong and the list goes on and on.

We thought that’s not how creative projects should feel. That’s not why people go to work and, most definitely, that’s not the environment in which the best work gets done. We knew we could do so much better.

To not dwell much negatively on the state of the web design industry, if you are interested to learn more, we’d like to recommend that you read a comprehensive article that our founder wrote on LinkedIn.

Read about the state of the web design industry

What does it help with?

The process aims to make the cost as much of a non-issue as possible because of the value it delivers in the spirit of agile working.

It’s perfect if there’s a lot at stake and you need a clear direction e.g. you own an e-commerce shop and you can’t afford to get it wrong, or if you’re up against a tight deadline e.g. there’s a huge announcement coming that predicts spike of convertible traffic or you just don’t know where to start e.g. there’s something wrong with the site but you can’t put a finger on it.

Our process can be used to build a website that satisfies the end-user, creates their bond with your brand and inspires them to take action. Whether you are an agency owner providing a website designing service, a product owner at an agile software development house or a business owner looking for a shiny new website, this process offers a better way of building websites.

From the input to the output, it delivers the most value for the money and it remains flexible for the changes in the scope at any given time. It saves marriages, keeps wallets thick and brings people together. How exactly does it do it? Well, for that we have to dive deeper.

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