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Earnings calculator

17.06% more user engagement with the website thanks to our tool

We designed a tool for Courier Exchange that gives their customers accurate estimates of their earning potential on the platform.

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more user engagement


Tackling the biggest objection towards using the platform

Our client’s customers struggle with keeping their businesses profitable. So, they’re careful with investments in a software subscription.

User flow

Calculate the potential earnings

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We designed a flow that allows people to calculate their potential earnings when using one or multiple vehicles.

Everyone can build the exact fleet they operate or plan to operate – from self-employed drivers to courier companies. It gives them full visibility of the earnings they can expect to get when using the Exchange.

Reduced the number of questions during sales calls

People talk to the sales reps already armed with the knowledge of what they can expect from the platform.

Explained the value we deliver through the software

Our integration with an external system updates the tool with data to show accurate estimates.

Broke the sales record set in the previous year

We’ve optimised the tool ahead of Black Friday in 2023 to capitalise on its popularity.

Key learnings from this feature

The most basic calculators can give your users value.

A strategically inserted tool can engage at least 1 in 5 people.

Helpful tools generate leads and reduce the lead-to-sale time.


Here’s what the client thinks about the project

You can read the full review on Clutch.

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The calculator is a great lead generator, but it also became a tool for our sales team. It’s really helpful to personalise the demo. When showing the platform, they have the ability to show people the average price for loads in their area. This really helps to get deals across the line.
Luciana, Director of Marketing at Courier Exchange

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