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Navigation tests

Optimised user journey for a SaaS company

Creating a good user journey requires a deep understanding of how your visitors think. Getting these “mental models” right was the key when we redesigned the navigation for Courier Exchange.

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User tests

Testing to reduce uncertainty

Analytics and user tests gave us two key insights ahead of designing the new navigation.

Users visited the website home page to log in to the app. So, we couldn’t remove the button from the new navigation.

User tests allowed us to learn how website visitors understood the current navigation and our new alternatives.

Open card sorting

We asked 40 people their opinion on which web pages are related to one another. This helped us understand how visitors perceive the topics that we talk about.

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On-site A/B testing

Then, we split tested the new labels in the existing navigation straight onto the live website. Our key metric was the number of visits to the key pages, and we’ve noted a significant improvement.

Tree testing

Finally, we asked people to use two different versions of the navigation to find key information on the website. This helped us pick the winning navigation based on how fast people completed the tasks.

Learning through iterations

We’ve launched the new navigation labels to everyone. But we only changed the text of links in the menu. This resulted in more visits to the key pages on the website.

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Brand new navigation

With further reassurance from observing how people use the website, we had the confidence to develop and launch the entire new navigation, including rich mega menus.

Key learnings from this feature

You need to learn the mental models of users visiting your site.

Iterative changes are an affordable way of validating concepts.

Testing website changes aren’t limited to A/B testing.

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