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We are an agile web development agency

Businesses change by the day. That’s why our approach to web development is extremely flexible. In a true agile fashion, we prefer progress over documentation. We talk to the decision-maker at least once a week to stay prepared for change. Being in constant communication with you allows us to prioritise and deliver value as fast as possible.

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Agile web development company for nimble businesses

Website development is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the ultimate tool to build websites based on our agile process. Thanks to this unique combination, we can deliver continuous value to your business.

Combining website development with Design Sprints

The Design Sprint is a foundation for our website development services. The concept was first introduced by Google Ventures. Since then, there have been a few iterations – and we’ve adjusted the process to fit the specific needs of web design and development.

Our process in a pill

Developing websites in London since 2015

Our website development agency is based in London since 2015. After our humble beginnings as traditional web developers, frustrated by the inefficiency of the common approach we’ve changed into an agile web development company.

Our team worked with a variety of environments and technologies, from Webflow, through Shopify and WordPress, all the way to headless websites. We develop bespoke websites, conversion-orientated landing pages, and more.

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Web development with the essentials baked in

When we develop a website, you get all of the crucial elements baked in. To truly help your business, we give you a solid foundation that boosts visibility. This allows your marketing team to take full advantage of the brand-new tool in their arsenal.

Our agile web development services include:

  • A correct prioritisation of tasks
  • Lightning-fast performance to maximise conversions
  • Technical SEO to help with discoverability
  • Good accessibility that makes the site usable for everyone
  • Adherence to W3C Web Development Standards
  • Optimised code, with documentation to suit your need
What makes us different

There are several important differences between us and other agencies, and you will love them all

We’re a breath of fresh air in the web design agency industry that hasn’t seen any innovation in many years. With the Web focusing more on the customer experience, the traditional web designing methodology lacks the oomph. We offer a unique, forward-thinking, and collaborative way to design websites that solve business problems and challenge preconceptions. Our website quickly becomes an irreplaceable asset for your company.

We Focus On You, and Only You

You will be the only client we work for at any time. We mean it. It sounds crazy, but this is what the focus is about.

We Become Part Of Your Herd

We are with you, and not with anyone else. You have NerdCow amongst you for a while, which is wonderful. 👌

We Constantly Communicate

Forget losing touch with your agency. We use Basecamp to post updates regularly and meet with you weekly.

We’d love to meet you

Meet our founder, Tomasz, on a 15-minute call. He will tell you more about how we approach designing and developing websites. Let’s discuss how we can help your business.

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Frequently asked questions

How will I benefit from using an agile web development company?

You will get the most value for your time and money. Contrary to the traditional web development companies, agile agencies build websites following a value-based list of deliverables. We work through it on a weekly basis while staying in touch with you to ensure steady and hiccup-free progress. Finally, Agile primary concern is the end-user. We walk in their shoes while creating a development roadmap to ensure the highest level of user experience.

Is there a preferred CMS that you tend to work with?

It depends on what your team is trained to use. We want the website to work for your organisation and reduce the friction of the transition as much as possible. Most clients choose WordPress because they have experience in working around the platform, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We always loved WordPress for its flexibility, extensibility and community. We estimate that 90% of websites that we build are based on that CMS. As a result, we have created amazing automation and processes that turn the common solution into a truly bespoke engine. Clients aiming for the top tier experience are the remaining 10%. Such businesses are after the headless solution, where the front-end and back-end become disconnected. In such scenarios, we choose Strapi or Contentful as the CMS.

Where are you based?

We are a web development company based in London. Our office is near Spitalfields in London, UK. We love being within the same four walls that are constantly buzzing with creative ideas. However, most of our projects happen in a remote setting as that’s our clients’ preference. Some of the businesses that we work with are distributed teams, so it would be virtually impossible to get everyone in the same room for web design workshops.

We have already designed a new website with someone else. Can you code it for us?

Not really. Our website development agency focuses on delivering as much value through your doorstep as possible – and the web development services are just the cherry on top. The “sauce” is in our unique and rigid process which ensures we keep that promise. If we inherit the designs from a third party, we have no way of knowing if the proposed web design will be accepted by the market, if it meets all web accessibility criteria, or if it meets all common design principles, and so on. All of that, and more, is baked into our process.