At the core of every website lies the code. It turns static web designs into an interactive final product that your customers can truly experience and enjoy through their web browsers on any device.

Future-proof code

We meticulously plan your website’s code structure before starting sustainable development. Thanks to this approach, your website will remain reliable and extensible for the years to come. It will also eliminate hiccups and delays during the process.

Security checks

Your website safety is our priority. Throughout the web development phase, we constantly keep an eye on the quality of the code and its security. It is paramount for our web developers to regularly check for vulnerabilities which might become a target by hackers.

Quality assurance

Web development is a complex task and no one gets it right the first time around, but that does not mean we stop there. We pride ourselves at the quality of the services, so we test every feature of your website on numerous occasions. While we strive for perfection, we are always ready to fix any issues that are spotted in due course.

Web hosting

Code performance goes as far as web hosting performance it is uploaded on. We work with the best-in-class WordPress hosting company to accommodate even the most resource-heavy websites which in combination with our web development practices guarantee the highest success rate of the project.

We code mainly in PHP, using an open-source software such as WordPress content management system which is flexible, extensible and customisable to fit with our clients’ needs.

Our web development offer is also directed at clients who currently operate a website. We will be delighted to hear from you and recommend a suitable way forward. In many cases, we can tweak the existing design to bring it back in line with your business requirements.

It all starts with a simple