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Reducing the volume of customer support calls to free up the team members


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The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) has long struggled with the volume of support requests.

The phone calls were taking up the team’s time. In 2022, we addressed the concerns when launching a new website. To make the next step, two years later, the team launched a Member Area as a hub of information and to increase member engagement rate.

Challenge in their words

We face a lack of efficiency caused by a combination of outdated systems & processes with lack of prioritisation and focus.
Alex, Marketing Manager at NFDC


This project followed up on a successful website launch

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Prior to launching the Member Area, the new website addressed a number of issues. We improved how people got their information from NFDC.

This included an AI-powered search engine and a new resource centre. Both features gave people easier access to key information. The result was a lower volume of support enquiries.


Getting closer to the clients with the Member Area

Launching a Member Area helped NFDC get closer to their members. With a social media like feed of news, the flow of information improved further.

On top of that, each member can now get personalised notifications for upcoming audit expiry dates and other key events. With a CRM integration, we allowed members to review their contact details. The member profile reduced the need for phone calls to double-check the details in NFDC’s.


Iterating on a proven concept

The Member Area requires manual operation. Regardless, it’s a massive improvement in terms of communication for NFDC.

The reception of the new Member Area was overwhelmingly positive. This gave NFDC confidence to continue working on it, and our unlimited engagement allows us to collaborate on a few more iterations. In the future, we’ll expand on the CRM integration to add more automation to the platform.

Key learnings from this feature

A proper information architecture can reduce the strain on your team and improve the quality of your leads.

Building in smaller iterations reduces risk and can even improve the adoption rate among returning visitors.


Here’s what the client thinks about the project

You can read the full review on Clutch.

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NerdCow was instrumental in getting staff members and stakeholders on the same page during the discovery phase, ultimately delivering an excellent website that met everyone’s expectations. The team was proactive, flexible, and communicative, offering an agile and caring approach to the project.
Alex, Marketing Manager at NFDC

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