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Trial & Error

2020 British Ecommerce Report

How does your ecommerce website compare to those in top 100 in the UK? People often assume the coveted spot among the leading digital retailers requires state-of-the-art solutions, robust servers, around the clock development support and the best UX specialists in the world. As you will soon learn, this is far from the truth.

Tools & Facts

How to Comply With the Cookie Laws in the UK


Why Digital Marketing Fails – the Biggest Reason That Nobody Mentions

Conversion Rate

20+ Types of Conversions and Micro Conversions You Can Track and How to Do It

Tomasz Lisiecki


Our mission

We want to build the websites of tomorrow where all users get to experience more accessible world wide web.

Trial & Error

We’ve Analyzed 50 Coaching Websites – Here’s How They’re Missing out on Clients

Design & UX

What Is User Experience and Why It’s Crucial for Website Sales


How to Calculate Conversion Value for Service Industries


How to Optimise Your Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic


How to Write Website Copy That Sells

Conversion Rate

How to A/B Test on a Low Traffic Website

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