How London WordCamp Changed Us and Why It Should Change You – A Quick Summary

600 attendees. 48 speeches. 2 days in total. The London WordCamp has officially finished. The event was fantastic and we could only wish to clone ourselves like Agent Smith from The Matrix movie to just listen to all of brave speakers. Although, this was just a wish, we attended as many talks as a physical individual […]

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The Future of Website Design

Web design, as it is known today, is a result of changes in the past years with the goal of improving user experience. The numerous changes and trends in the past have all paved way into being able to make the internet useful in ways more than one. Experts are engaged in incessant efforts to […]

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The Very Comprehensive WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Website launch is an inseparable stage of every build. For some it may seem a pointless and time(money)-consuming step, because it’s down to a developer to build a website right the first time, correct? Why use a launch checklist at all? In our opinion, one can’t simply ignore the power of the “better safe than […]

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Facebook Ads vs Twitter Ads

Social Media Titans Clash – Facebook Ads vs Twitter Ads

When talking about social advertising, there are two primary social media platforms that are being patronised by a lot of people. After all, almost all social media fanatics have an account with these two websites. Even those who only occasionally access the Internet have either Facebook or Twitter. However, between the two, which social media […]

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The Best Free Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Since the massive spike in WordPress popularity among website owners, it is no brainer that plugins have been springing up like mushrooms. There are so many to choose from that one can easily get overwhelmed and drop high ambitions in finding a perfect plugin for their website pretty quickly. We were in the same shoes a while […]

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