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Building credibility for an asset management company

Aether is a new joint-venture between Rolls-Royce and GATX. The company combines the talent of experienced engineers with new technology to improve the experience of leasing engines for airlines. In a field dominated by household names, a new venture like this needed to appear credible to customers.

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Challenge in their words

“Aether is a new business and not widely known about yet. We don’t want or need to over promote the business but we want to ensure key stakeholders understand and have confidence in our capabilities.”

Ben Hughes, VP of Business Development, Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance


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A website as a point of reference for existing customers

Aether was inheriting clients previously served by Rolls-Royce. As such, with a new name and a new domain for email communication, they needed a website that people could visit to confirm their credibility.


A professional photoshoot

Showcasing the experienced staff alongside Rolls-Royce engines and other infrastructure was meant to bridge the gap between the new venture and the household names in the industry.


Our research methodology

We talked to their team to establish the key information users needed to know. We then worked with their trusted copywriter to create a layout and a story that pieced together all the key points.


Help with brand

We helped Aether build on top of limited branding guidelines. Our team created visuals to match a light but expansive brand, including custom icons and animations as part of a design system.

We worked in weekly iterations to reduce the uncertainty. That allowed us to quickly react to changes.

Working on small batches of features meant that we were never blocked by deliverables from the photographer and the copywriter. Every week, we had a check-in with the decision maker to confirm we’re on the right track and to establish the priorities based on recent developments.

Key learnings

You can build credibility without resorting to social proof.

Designing elements for a site helps you expand your brand guidelines.

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