We Are a Web Agency Working From London Since 2013

We are a full-service web agency working from London since 2013.

Our mission is to support business expansion through people-centric websites. Using data intelligence and the best web design practices, we maximise online traffic potential, communicate branding and ensure return on investment.

Single-person to worldwide businesses

We worked with companies of any size. From sole-traders, through SMEs to businesses scattered across the world. Our experience and flexible approach can accommodate anyone.

Start-ups, marketing sites and e-commerce

Every business requires a different skillset. That is why we have gained experience in every category to make sure we can assist you at every step of your online journey. No matter where you are at the moment.

Individual approach to every client

We strive to deliver the excellent client support on daily basis. We adapt to your communication requirements, business pace and expectations. Our aim is to be there whenever you need us.

Access to the best partners in the industry

Throughout the years we have secured relationships with the best-in-class partners in the industry. Together we create an environment where websites are safe and prosperous.


Tomasz Lisiecki founded Nerd Cow Ltd. with a clear purpose: to build a web agency that would support other businesses by providing web design and development services which help them to achieve their goals.

In 2013, after working for numerous marketing agencies in the country, Tomasz realised that all of them were very brand-centric. In every case, they were using a significant fraction of a budget on branding leaving sites to an afterthought. Such practices resulted in poorly crafted websites which were crippling their marketing efforts instead of supporting them.

The unique approach and potential were quickly appreciated by other businesses. Our web agency currently serves tens of businesses to communicate their brand, increase their sales and generate more leads.

Our Values


It is an extremely important core company value and is intertwined into everything we do. We put so much emphasis on respecting the individual in both professional and personal situations.


We are dedicated to building and maintaining loyal relationships with our external customers and internal colleagues. Ultimately we aren’t just building a company, we’re building a family.


We see each day as an opportunity to challenge ourselves and develop new concepts which help us deliver more innovative solutions to our clients.


We are committed to being the best we can be. In order to achieve this, we place the customer at the centre of everything we do. We constantly look to improve ourselves and our service, cultivating our knowledge, skill, and attitudes to achieve excellence.


We have the courage to ask for help and feedback when needed, are realistic about what we can and can’t do and are honest to clients, candidates, colleagues and ourselves.

It all starts with a simple