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NerdCow has been leveraging websites for business growth since 2013. We continue that quest through our fresh web design approach. By combining functionality and beauty, we empower marketers to bring it in every time.

Our clients voted NerdCow as the top web design agency in London
– with an average rating of 4.8 of 5 for quality, schedule, cost, and will to refer.

Always moo-ving forward

Who we are

Standing still is not in our genes. We innovate and challenge the status quo. Each day serves as an opportunity to improve our web agency – which we proudly take.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our laser-like focus on perfecting websites seamlessly blends with your valuable expertise. Like milk and cereal, we’re a one-of-a-kind combo that can’t be beat.

We see extraordinary people behind every company. We respect their efforts by being brutally honest and transparent. That’s what friends should do – the ones you can rely on and never doubt their commitment.

They were honest and open. We felt that we were all working towards the same goal.
Alex, Head of Marketing at NFDC

Ten years in. Infinite to go.

“Web design evokes emotions and inspires behaviours. It remains subject to interpretation and morphs based on the context. Isn’t that what art is?” – Tomasz Lisiecki

The mediocre quality of websites united us. Since 2013, we have been on the journey to build a better Web. One site at a time. We raise web design standards and set the bar high for other agencies – to everyone’s benefit, including businesses and their customers.

Our journey has been rich with experiments. Lows and highs taught us better and more efficient methods. Our clients love them. Now, we focus on fine-tuning these processes and becoming carbon neutral. Next, we want other agencies to join and help with the cause.

Meet the nerds who will never take you for granted

Tomasz Lisiecki Tomasz Lisiecki

Tomasz Lisiecki

Helps with website design and workshop facilitation

Dawid Zimny Dawid Zimny

Dawid Zimny

Helps with the value delivery and stakeholder experience

Lukasz Sieron Lukasz Sieron

Lukasz Sieron

Helps with website development and technical advice

Jon Jackson Jon Jackson

Jon Jackson

Helps with the business direction and product offering

Their best asset is easily their people. They are just the nicest guys to work with.
Chloe, Senior Marketing Manager at Doddle

We surround ourselves with those who raise our standards

The contribution from our reliable partners is priceless. We’re extremely proud to share that network of contacts with you.

Our clients trust their reputation in our hands. We take our involvement extremely seriously. If you are ready to challenge yourself, talk to us.

Forever grateful for their trust

These opportunities contributed to our growth and allowed us to push ourselves beyond our limits. All of them come with a unique narrative – just like any company.

User Tested Website For Pioneers In Transport & Logistics Software

We doubled leads generated in the first month!
Luciana, Head of Marketing at Transport Exchange Group

New Look for a German Start-Up That Makes Soil Better

Fantastic!!! Thank you.
Andre, CEO at Novihum Technologies

A Marketing Engine for Doddle, an Enterprise Technology Company

We are thrilled with the outcome and much more proud to point prospects to the site.
Chloe, Marketing Manager at Doddle

Voted the top web design agency in London

“Our sales went through the roof.”

Consistently the web design market leader in London

“Their approach was fantastic!”

Appreciated by many B2B companies since 2015

“We doubled leads in the first month!”