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Full website build

Website and messaging changes for a company transitioning from B2C services to B2B tech

During our workshops, the Doddle team admitted they were ashamed to show the website to their prospects. Targeting national posts and enterprise courier companies, their messaging focused on the benefits to the end user – rather than Doddle’s clients.

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Challenge in their words

Effective communication of who we are and what we do (brand awareness), which will hopefully result in more/better lead generation.
Chloe, Senior Marketing Manager at Doddle Logistics


Refreshing the messaging

We helped Doddle with the direction of their copy to match the needs of their B2B audience. Apart from helping them write for the Web, we took that content and used it to create user journeys and layouts for the new intent of the site.

Doddle’s team commissioned icons and illustrations based on our research, initial sketches, and the new copy.

Making the MoFu content findable

Doddle needed more than a blog or a “content hub”. Their content was scattered across various independent initiatives, making it hard to find for people. Together with their team, we identified that MoFu was the weakest point.

A fully editable website with a CRM integration

These two features allowed Doddle to distribute all types of content to their audience and track downloads. We’ve also fully migrated the old blog and repurposed articles from other sources.

Sidebars on the blog articles and flexible popups

We added sidebars to the blog articles and flexible popups to improve the findability. We focused only on the functionality Doddle needed, creating a simple and editable tool that wasn’t intrusive to the readers.

Agile web development and ongoing support

To achieve everything above, we used an agile approach and developed the site in iterations. This gave Doddle full control over when to release a site they are proud of.

After the launch, we continued working on new features and improvements using the NerdCow Membership. This allowed us to create monthly roadmaps for new features, but also gave Doddle access to our team when they needed to make urgent changes.

Key learnings from this feature

Team alignment and collaboration are extremely important for any website project.

Workshops make it easier to get to the root of your problems with the website.

Small iterations and quick wins are crucial when there is no data to work with.


Here’s what the client thinks about the project

You can read the full review on Clutch.

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We had a lot of iterations, but it never dampened their enthusiasm or their patience. They turned up every week, followed through on exactly what they’d set out to do and more. The degree of helpfulness we got from them was also extraordinary.
Chloe, Senior Marketing Manager at Doddle Logistics

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