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PPC campaign

Testing whether the client should invest in a multilingual website

Our client’s customers often speak basic English. Connecting with them in their native language could help to better explain our value proposition and instill confidence in the platform.


WWW eco score


Solving a challenge brought up by the customer service team

See it live

We designed a flow that allows people to calculate their potential earnings when using one or multiple vehicles.

During sales calls, it’s easy for people to miss out on key details in English. This extended the lead-to-sale cycle and additional strain on the team.


We tested the waters with a PPC campaign in Romanian

Turning a profit on that campaign would be a good indicator that expanding to other languages across the website would be worth it.


Translating landing page templates

We slotted the translated content into a user-friendly layout. Doing it one language at a time and creating a quality page was crucial to make this test reliable.


Hypothesis proved to be true

This made the test not only accurate, but also affordable. Our hypothesis that we can get more leads by advertising in other languages proved to be true.


Measuring the potential for a multilingual website

We’ll be adding multiple languages to the website. The plan is to launch them in small iterations to test our hypothesis even further.

Key learnings from this feature

The quality of leads and the lead-to-sales cycle length depend on the quality of the campaign – it’s likely you’ll see them decrease at first.

Multilingual pages generate additional leads in diverse communities.

You can expect the Cost Per Acquisition to be much lower.

The test campaign went well. Courier Exchange has a big market of non-native speakers. They got lots of leads, with a low CPA. The volume affected lead quality a bit, but it was still a successful campaign for their PPC team.

Dawid Zimny, Product Manager @ NerdCow

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