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20 mins to watch

How to write web design briefs

Crafting concise briefs is crucial when seeking agency assistance. Watch our video for efficient approaches and real examples from the past year—both good and bad.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

30th of Nov 2023

8 mins to watch

How to do SEO without a blog

Creating great content takes time. Can you rank on search engines without a blog? Discover tips for effective SEO with existing content.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

30th of Nov 2023

9 mins to watch

3 things anyone can do to improve their SEO

Revitalise your SEO effortlessly using our video's three simple methods to boost visibility and triple organic traffic.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

25th of Nov 2023

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Design 5 mins to read

What is a design system and how does it help companies streamline their marketing?

Why do companies - and governments - invest their resources to build design systems? What do they know that others don’t?

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Collaboration Digital marketing User experience

Tomasz Lisiecki

27th of Jan 2024

Website 7 mins to read

Company blog – the silent killer of your content strategy?

If you don’t have a clear direction, running a company blog is frustrating. And, most likely, a waste of your resources.

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Content Digital marketing SEO

Dawid Zimny

11th of Dec 2023

Website 4 mins to read

Sustainable CMS and how it impacts website sustainability

An eco-friendly website can’t exist without a sustainable CMS. It’s one of the most important aspects alongside green hosting and page speed. Here’s how a CMS affects your footprint.

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Dawid Zimny

11th of Nov 2023

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65 mins to listen

Agile Estimates, Mindset & Values with Dawid Zimny

We discuss some of the concepts present in agile teams, that is: estimating your work, embracing the mindset and defining value.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

13th of Nov 2023

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51 mins to watch

How long does it take to build a website?

Tomasz and Jon Jackson explore web development time, Agile perks, preventing delays, and the ongoing evolution of website projects.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

25th of Nov 2023

33 mins to watch

The most efficient way to designing websites

Tomasz takes you through the most efficient approach to building websites - no delays, unexpected costs, and headache.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

14th of Oct 2023