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We asked our clients to compare their experience with other agencies before they worked with us. And we wanted to know what their experience was like after partnering with NerdCow.

Before partnering with us

Nightmare. Our clients experienced delays, neglect, and subpar quality. They were kept in the dark. Not enough input from the agencies led to many poor investments. That’s not how a collaboration should look like. And, most certainly, that’s not how a business should be run.

“I had worked with a large agency before, and I saw that their prices were high, as were their timelines. Thus, I decided to focus on smaller agencies and found NerdCow. I ultimately chose them due to their culture, flexibility, and consultative approach.”

Alex Ellison, Marketing Manager @ NFDC

“Our old website was outdated in both feel and messaging, and no longer reflected our product suite or our potential.”

Chloe Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager @ Doddle Logistics

“I’ve been struggling with a technical problem on a website for a couple of years. Until I was introduced to NerdCow, I hadn’t been able to find anyone to fix it.”

Lysette Offley, Owner @ Genius Material

“Anyone can say that they can improve your website, do some work, take your money and nothing happens.”

Robin Fell, Director @ The Transport Library

“We had an outdated website that was never planned nor developed with a clear purpose from the get-go.”

Alex Ellison, Marketing Manager @ NFDC

“We first chose a vendor online because it was cheap compared to hiring locally. But that was a mistake as we experienced a lot of problems with the site and it took so long to get it ready, so in the end, that didn’t work out.”

Robin Fell, Director @ The Transport Library

“I started with a Google search. I must’ve contacted four or five different agencies. Only two of them responded, one being NerdCow.”

Mario Van Poppel, Director @ Leftover Currency

After partnering with us

Things have changed for the better. Our clients rated us 4.9 out of 5 for quality and schedule. We average 5 years in the client-agency tenure, which is forever in business. And 9.8 out of 10 clients will recommend us.

“The way they explain their methods for sprint planning and user testing early on had a big impact on me. That’s one of the reasons I would use them again. Their price is also competitive and reasonable.”

Mario Van Poppel, Owner @ Leftover Currency

From first contact, Tomasz was friendly, knowledgeable and positive, and everything was done to make the transfer process straightforward and stress-free. I’m delighted with the highly responsive and efficient service I received, and with the much-improved performance of my site. Highly recommended!

Mark Mowforth, Director @ Yellowberry Hill

“From the initial broad outline, they helped me to add flesh to the bones and used his expertise to develop my ideas into workable processes. The result is a professional looking, contemporary and easy to use website that I’m absolutely delighted with.”

Helen Isacke, Director @ Trusted Coach Directory

“They adapted to our main comm tools and were always fast to respond. They provided technology where needed to project manage the quality of deliverables.”

Luciana Gouveia, Marketing Director @ Courier Exchange

“NerdCow actually works to improve our business. The fact that they’ve shown interest in understanding what we do shows their commitment to providing the best service.”

Robin Fell, Director @ The Transport Library

“Their best asset is easily their people. They are just the nicest guys to work with. The degree of helpfulness we got from them was also extraordinary.”

Chloe Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager @ Doddle Logistics

“I genuinely feel that they’re not only concerned about my business, but me as a person. They were very understanding and flexible especially when I was going through personal situations.”

Ingrid Petersen, Solopreneur

“Their team is very dedicated. During projects, they work daily. They have a good idea of what they can deliver. During both sprints, they actually completed more.”

Mario Van Poppel, Owner @ Leftover Currency

“It’s a tight knit team with innovative ideas, the integrity to push against unfocused ideas / efforts, and a bias for getting things done responsibly.”

Shujaat Rasool, Director @ Views

“They’re reliable, flexible, and also very friendly.”

Andre Modeira, Director @ Novihum

I appreciate the user feedback and their agile approach to development. I really liked design workshops with them.

Justyna Wiraszka, Chief of Staff @ Repositive

“NerdCow is proactive, forward-thinking, and innovative. There is an intense focus on what our stakeholders / users require, as opposed to just what management may think is the ‘right way’.”

Shujaat Rasool, Director @ Views

“NerdCow’s distinguishing features were their flexibility, their agile approach, and the fundamental work they did during the workshops. Instead of jumping right into production and developing what we asked for, they first gathered us and got us on the same page to ensure that we were heading in the right direction. Their approach was fantastic, and we were confident that they knew what they were doing.”

Alex Ellison, Marketing Director @ National Federation of Demolition Contractors

“We recently built a fully functional site with Nerd Cow and can honestly say it is one of the best experiences I’ve had in building a site. The collaborative prototype approach is innovative and agile in its design, the team are full of ideas and the quality of the end product is top of the line.”

Stuart Griffith, Director @ National Business Communications

“A truly creative team delivering websites that perform. And when they say they work “Agile”, they mean it!”

Jon Jackson, Director @ Acuras

“It’s rare to find a reliable web design & development company, but I think we may have just done that!”

Robin Alterman, Director @ Sunny Escapes

“Their approach to building the website was interesting and scientific.”

Jon Melamet, Director @ Metronome Business Solutions

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