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Our partners

As web design specialists, we focus on what we do best – building websites. To not leave you empty-handed, we’ve built up a network of partners who can help your business with services outside of our expertise. Our craft is websites – we came up with a unique process of building them, and our team has the experience to deliver on the promise. We’re well-versed in the skills required to build a high-performing website.

We have vast experience in digital marketing. In the past, we’ve worked with clients that needed a new brand from us, we’ve set up Google Ads for some of them, and did much more. This knowledge helps us deliver websites that work for every aspect of your business. However…

We don’t offer branding, digital marketing, illustrations, advertising, or similar services as a standalone offering

Instead, we use our trusted partners that have worked with us for years to deliver those for you. The network is constantly growing, and we have options for businesses of all sizes – from startups to large businesses.

Website hosting

WP Engine – the leading WordPress hosting platform

WP Engine is our go-to partner for WordPress hosting. As WP Engine Agency Partners, our clients enjoy a 10% discount on WordPress hosting. Their offer ranges from managed startup hosting starting at as little as £18 per month, through e-commerce hosting, all the way to bespoke enterprise solutions, and even a brand-new Headless WordPress offering, WP Engine Atlas.

With every hosting plan, you’re guaranteed:

  • 24/7 customer support, where techs can solve your issues in minutes
  • daily backups
  • development and staging environments for testing changes
  • free automated migration
  • a secure website with free SSL and SSH
  • improved performance with Content Delivery Network (CDN) included
  • seamless PHP updates
  • and more
Host your website with WP Engine
Video production

Tofu Media – international creative production studio

Based in Tokyo and Warsaw, Tofu Media works with companies all around the world to deliver powerful creative messaging. They offer a wide range of content production services – from 2D & 3D animation graphics to video production for TV and digital.

Their multinational team eliminates cultural differences between your company and the directors working on your video. Tofu Media’s founders come from a YouTube background, with a fantastic knowledge of content marketing and influencer marketing. This allows them to help your business regardless of the target audience. They can produce anything from website assets, through social media video, all the way to TV commercials.

World-class video production
Illustration, digital design & art direction

Philipa Rabbit

Philipa is an Illustrator, Digital Designer and Art Director based in the UK. A degree in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Lisbon University explains her ability to send even the subtlest of messages through art.

Just like we’re passionate about web design, Philipa’s passions are illustration and animation. You can clearly see that in her work. We suspect she can do anything – just look at spellbinding art for the Harry Potter Wizarding World app and the illustrations for our collaboration on the Transport Exchange Group website.

Philipa specialises in:

  • character design
  • illustration for motion
  • UI & branding design
Browse Philipa’s portfolio