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Impactful Web Design. Faster.

We combine two worlds not seen in the web design industry before. We focus on delivering functional websites in the shortest time possible.

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Talk to Tomasz Our founder

Nerd Cow Ltd. Founder
Company Owner
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We recently built a fully functional site with Nerd Cow and can honestly say it is one of the best experiences I’ve had in building a site.

Stuart, Director of National Business Communications

Company Owner
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I appreciate the user feedback and their agile approach to development. I really liked design workshops with them.

Justyna, Chief of Staff at Repositive

Company Owner
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They truly know their craft and are very reliable. Day or night, they have us covered.

Irvin, Marketing Manager in CX North America

Company Owner
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The result is a professional-looking, contemporary and easy to use website that I’m absolutely delighted with.

Helen, Director of Trusted Coach Directory

Quick. Efficient. Impactful.

The Fastest Way To Develop a Website.

We’re the first UK-based web design agency to introduce design sprints to the website building process. That way we can compress potentially months of work into a couple of weeks.

Our websites not only help your company generate leads or drive sales. They also improve your internal workflow and cut operating costs.

How do we do it?

We combine two worlds not seen in A web design Agency before.

We can test a website idea with real users and develop it in the shortest time possible. Why should something take 4 months if it can take 4 weeks?

Design Sprints

Invented by Google in 2010 and tweaked by our team to fit our purpose. It’s a 4-day process for rapidly solving big website challenges. The outcome is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users and with clear insights on where to go next.

Agile Development

Created by 17 software developers back in 2001. It advocates planning, early delivery, continual improvement and encourages flexible responses to change. There’s no back-and-forth or endless discussions. Instead, you get a finished website that your business can use.

Why Us?

Great value

Although we’re an agency, we don’t overcharge our clients just to keep our employees “busy”. We have been lean and digital from the start. Using our small team, we focus on delivering the best websites, without wasting your time and budget.

Undivided attention

When we take on your project, our team is fully committed from start to finish. It means constant progress, uninterrupted focus and tangible results. When you decide to work with us, you get our undivided attention.

Small yet powerful

Our boutique agency consists of three dynamic people who share a passion for websites. We love coming to work every day and building a better World Wide Web for businesses and the end-users. Oh, and we like to be ahead of the curve. Did we say that?

Some of our favourite projects.

Forex & Ecommerce

The world’s first foreign exchange and gift shop for time travellers

Website coming soon…

ttfx owner

Guys, this is fantastic!

Biomedical Research

Conversion Optimised Site For The World’s Largest Directory Of Preclinical Cancer Models

Details coming soon, but for now…

repositive owner

I really liked design workshops.

National Telecoms

User Tested website for the Fastest Growing Telecoms Broker for B2B

Details coming soon, but for now…

nbc owner

Wow!! What a great team.

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