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How we work

Expect strategy, agility, and transparency

At the core of our operations, you’ll find predictability and clear communication. We adapt our role according to your needs, all the while maintaining efficiency, ambition, and security.

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We’ve got a plan and expertise to see it through

We’ll work with you to create a roadmap for the initial engagement and execute it. We’ll keep it aligned with your business goals during our weekly check ins.

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6-week cycles

Each cycle includes a clear list of deliverables, a division of responsibilities, and performance metrics.


Weekly check ins

You’ll meet with us each week. Plus, we share schedule and progress in Basecamp almost daily.

Our role changes based on your requirements

Based on your situation, we can be:

Problem solvers for significant website challenges

Experts completing critical design and development tasks

Website advisors for your next best marketing move

Extension of your marketing team working on a website


1% better each day

Iterations are part of our toolkit. We constantly learn from our mistakes and use them to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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We aim to be the most efficient service provider

We can pass on any shaved off shortcomings to our clients by doing more in the same time.

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We challenge the status quo

We’re proactive and forward-thinking. Our ideation framework invites the outside-of-the-box thinking and increases the competitive edge for your business.

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We’ll set you up for success

The onboarding experience is smooth. We’ve had 8 years to perfect it.



We’ll start requesting access to various apps in your tech stack using our password management tool.



It’s essential for us to identify the decision-maker and other authorised users who will be engaging with us regularly.



We’ll create private spaces for individual projects. That way, we can keep the operations efficient for everyone.



Thanks to our flat monthly fee, you can set up a direct debit or a standing order to cover the fee for our services.



We’ll invite you to participate in an onboarding workshop to explain how we operate and to set expectations.

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You’ll be one of a select few

We don’t work with just any business. We want to work with a select few that we cherish.

If this sounds like a partner you’d like for your business, book a 30-minute strategy call with our founder, Tomasz.

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