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NerdCow Membership

Every service, workshop, resource, and tool included. No timesheets. Only results. Perfect for companies that are serious about their websites.

From £6,600 per month

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How do you determine the cost of a Membership level?

​​We based these starting points on the current financial objective and the desired capacity.

Our Membership gives exclusive access to our brand. We only work with a select few businesses. This model affects how we price the Membership, too.

What factors will determine my pricing?

We account for your organisation revenue and size, and volume of activities. We adjust our pricing based on the priorities of your business.

What do you guarantee?

A bit of nerdiness in your life. Also:

– Our Membership is without commitment. Switch, pause, or cancel any time.
– We will issue a full refund within the first 100 days if you are not happy.
– Occasionally, we offer free trials, so keep an eye out for them 😊.

What happens if I decide to pause the Membership?

We will step back into the shadow and emerge when you need us again. You will keep the access to all lifetime perks. Most clients choose to slide down to the basic engagement instead.

What’s in every Membership level?

Every Membership level includes:

– Results-driven web design and development
– Website management and maintenance
– Enterprise-grade quality control
– 24/7 help from our team – including the founder
– Unlimited scheduled video calls
– Discounts with our network of partners
– Lifetime access to our exclusive community
– Lifetime access to our training courses
– License to use NerdCow OS
– Ask us any questions forever

Do you offer discounts?

We don’t offer discounts. The only exception is when a client wants to commit to quarterly or annual billing.

Why don’t you bill hourly?

The classic Alan Weiss response is…

“I don’t feel that clients should have to make an investment decision every time my assistance is required.”

Hourly billing is bad for the client. Unexpected issues can burden clients and discourage efficient work. Instead, we opt for a billing model centred on subscription and results.