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Invest in website changes that bring the greatest return

We’ll help you reduce uncertainty around website projects, set priorities by value, and report back on the impact.

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It’s not a gut feeling, but the reduced uncertainty

Our team will provide you with insights into the range of potential outcomes and their probabilities.

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Our ideation framework

Compare concepts and pick the one that is the most likely to provide the greatest return.

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Pitch the idea

Put the idea out there to the wider team, and gather their feedback for a limited time.


Listen to feedback

The team leaves their feedback around the expected impact and opportunity cost.


Evaluate the potential

Digest the feedback and decide whether or not to proceed. If not, archive the idea for later.


Test the idea

Test it as fast and as cheap as possible. There are no rules for the test format.


Analyse the results

Decide whether or not to continue with the idea based on the insight from real users.


Build the first version

Build an MVP, then further test and evaluate before committing more resources to it.

NerdCow knows what they’re doing, and they will lead you in the right direction.
Alex, Marketing Manager at NFDC

User journey done? Let’s grow together

Available only to clients who optimised their user journey with us.

Website Growth

Ongoing, 6-week cycles

You’ll get:

  • Everything in Website Core plus…
  • Ongoing research & development
  • Active website development roadmap
  • User tests included
  • Access to 6-week implementation cycles
  • Solution workshops

£7,500 + VAT


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