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Tomasz engaged in a conversation with Jon Jackson from Buckinghamshire New University in front of a live audience, delving into various website-related aspects. The discussion covered key points such as the time required for website development, the advantages of employing the Agile methodology in web design, the detrimental effects of perfectionism on progress, strategies to prevent projects from lingering for extended periods, the potential achievements within a week, and the perpetual nature of website projects – with insights into why this continuous evolution is beneficial.

The topics include:

  • How long does it take to build a website?
  • What are the benefits of the Agile methodology in web design?
  • Why perfectionism kills progress
  • What to do to avoid projects dragging on for months, or even years
  • How much can you do in just a week
  • Why website projects NEVER end – and why it’s a good thing