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WordPress tips for business websites

WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system. But because of the former, not every action in its user interface is obvious. Have you ever wondered how to quickly duplicate Gutenberg blocks with a keyboard shortcut? Or maybe you’ve asked yourself why even bother using WordPress? Our team has been developing WordPress websites for years and we’re constantly sharing new articles on how to use the platform. By reading our WordPress tips you’ll learn how to manage the CMS, how to make it more efficient for your business, and much more.

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

WordPress owes a lot of its popularity to plugins. Being able to expand the functionality of your website with a single click is convenient and efficient. The features range from simple quality of life improvements to advanced ecommerce solutions. But the convenience comes at a price. Using too many WordPress plugins can lead you down the rabbit hole.

WordPress website security tips for small businesses

Website security is a key pain point for small businesses and their customers. For all its benefits and popularity, WordPress can be tricky to operate in that matter. In this article, we’ll help you understand how security plugins can be a trap and what really makes your business website secure.

3 best WordPress contact form plugins

Contact forms are one of the most versatile assets on your website. From customer services to lead generation and conversions, they enhance and automate the process of multiple activities and are one of the key parts of modern sites. Here’s our selection of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

WordPress push notifications for your visitors

Promoting the content on your business website is crucial. A meticulously crafted article is ultimately a waste of resources if not enough people notice it. You’re most likely already promoting your content through social media and email campaigns, but only a small percentage of websites take advantage of push notifications. Those that do often can’t get them right. Here’s how your business can benefit from using push notifications on your websites and how to avoid the mistakes made by others.

WordPress keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow

Improving the efficiency of each step of your workflow is crucial for every type of business. WordPress keyboard shortcuts are a great way to streamline the content creation process on your website. The new editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 has an intuitive user interface, but some nested actions require multiple clicks to reach. We have prepared a collection of the most useful keyboard shortcuts and tips to make your experience even more seamless.

Why you should avoid WordPress website templates

At first glance, pre-made WordPress website templates seem like a great choice. Getting one is cheap (some are even free) and the creators promote them as simple to use and rich in features. On further inspection, they are not sustainable and are a constraint for your business website.

WordPress Gutenberg – what you need to know

WordPress 5.0 got its name from Johannes Gutenberg, an inventor who started the Printing Revolution. Can the next iteration of WordPress be as revolutionary as its namesake? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect when upgrading to Gutenberg.

3 best web analytics plugins for WordPress

You can’t overemphasize the importance of web analytics. Disregarding them in web development is like running a business without financial reports. If you’re investing in something it’s necessary to track the return on your investment. Analytics plugins do just that. They provide metrics to improve not only user experience, but also the conversion rate on your site.