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1. Revisionary – WordPress blog post revision plugin

This little plugin allows your contributors with a new WordPress role, Revisor, to submit revisions for existing posts and pages. A revision can be submitted for both self-published content and posts by other authors.

The head Editor can then approve these revisions and publish them immediately or schedule an update for later.

Revisionary works with Gutenberg and the Classic Editor and supports custom post types.

Try Revisionary for free.

2. TablePress – create custom tables

TablePress allows you to create custom tables and doesn’t require any coding. The plugin gives you a shortcode to insert into your posts or pages.

You can import and export tables, include formulas that will be evaluated, sorting, pagination, search feature, and more.

The plugin is free to use, tested with the newest WordPress version and has over 800,000 active installations.

Get TablePress.

How many plugins do you use on your WordPress website?

We’ve seen numbers approaching triple-digits 😨

For us, less is more. Most of the features we develop are bespoke, with only a few plugins.

Where do you stand in that conversation? Let me know and drop your numbers in the comments.

Essential WordPress plugins for your blog

We have already published our list of essential WordPress plugins for every website and that’s where you’ll find their detailed descriptions, including the plugins listed below.

3. OG — Better Share on Social Media makes your website ready for the Open Graph protocol which shapes the appearance of your links on social platforms. The best part? It’s completely automatic so you won’t have to configure a thing!

4. Antispam Bee does what it says on the tin. It’s an efficient and easy to use anti-spam plugin which also has additional functionality such as regular expressions and blocking comments in foreign languages.

5. AddToAny Share Buttons is a highly customisable social sharing tool. The plugin includes both official and custom buttons that allow your visitors to like and share your content, follow your social media accounts, and more.

6. Yoast SEO is our plugin of choice for grading the SEO of your posts and pages, as well as giving insight on the readability of your content, and more. Be sure to take these with a grain of salt, as search engine optimisation has become more natural over the years. Yoast still has some great tips, but be sure to double-check their suggestions. And we have a handy guide if you’re looking to get better at writing for the Web.

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