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Best website analytics tools for marketers

Web analytics can be quite overwhelming. An abundance of choices and data makes the entry-level quite high. But since web analytics tools can give you so much data on your website traffic, you can’t afford to get them wrong. With years of experience using Google Analytics and other solutions, our team frequently posts new tips and tricks to get the most out of your traffic. Our articles include the best tools, examples of using web analytics, and much more.

How to measure SEO performance without paid tools

You don’t need specialist tools to measure SEO. That’s how we started. Our organic traffic went from zero to a few hundred visits per month. Back then, we only used Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It’s the perfect combination for internal teams who need quick access to baseline data. Here’s how to use them right.

How to calculate conversion value – formula & calculator

Proving the return on digital marketing spend is hard. The omnichannel initiatives are hard to track, which makes it easy to waste your marketing budget. The mistakes also cause a poor experience for your users. Even though we’re not an advertising agency, we highlight that it’s important to calculate the value of converting a website lead. Our team prepared two formulas and free calculators so that you can be in full control of profitable marketing campaigns.

Analyse web traffic and learn who uses your website

What if we told you that you can quickly learn about your audience from Google Analytics? All of the necessary data lies in Google’s tool – and you don’t need advanced reports to uncover it. Fear not, it’s not as hard as it seems. We’re aware that Google Analytics can be an unituitive tool. Sometimes it confuses us as well! But we truly believe it’s not reserved for web analysts. Everyone can benefit from it, and we’ll show you how to learn more about your visitors by looking at website traffic sources.

Common digital marketing problems

Changing markets and growing customer expectations proved to be challenging for most B2B businesses. Marketing teams face several problems, some of which can be solved by optimising their digital marketing workflows. Learn how to solve the most common digital marketing problems by having the right approach to your business website.

What is bounce rate and how to reduce it

While the definition of bounce rate is pretty straightforward, the implications of different values for various types of websites aren’t. The metric represents single-page visits to your site that end without further interaction. But does that mean high bounce rate is always bad? And on the contrary, is low bounce rate always good? How is it different from the exit rate? Let’s find out.

3 best web analytics plugins for WordPress

You can’t overemphasize the importance of web analytics. Disregarding them in web development is like running a business without financial reports. If you’re investing in something it’s necessary to track the return on your investment. Analytics plugins do just that. They provide metrics to improve not only user experience, but also the conversion rate on your site.

8 things your website absolutely needs right now

Wouldn’t you assume your new car comes with an attached steering wheel? Of course, you would. For one, it’s a legal requirement, but also otherwise the vehicle is declared useless. When we consider products, we take some of their traits for granted. When was the last time you questioned a supplier if their wristwatch arrives with a strap or if a kettle includes the heating element? Naturally, each manufacturer stands out by implementing innovative gimmicks, but at the end of the day, the product gist remains untouched. Websites aren’t any different. Or are they?