How to Calculate Conversion Value for Service Industries

You can’t know how profitable your website is without using conversion value. It’s one of the key metrics for your business. Inaccurate estimates will lead to a wasted marketing budget. But if you’re in a service industry, the calculation is more complicated than using the average order value.

How to Write Website Copy That Sells

The Internet is an exceptional medium, where traditional marketing techniques are ineffective. Unfortunately, many marketers who transitioned don’t realise that in the Web other rules apply. They remain indifferent to the need for tailoring the approach to the imposed expectations online. Despite offline and online advertising being heavily driven by the persuasive copy, studies show what works in the print hardly performs when translated into the digital form. So how to write the website copy that sells? Do you need to be a wordsmith, have a degree in psychology or just follow a hunch?

6 Inevitable Web Design Trends In 2020

You can’t know the future. Yet, we will do our best to guess what awaits in the world of web design in 2020. Last year has brought in some amazing trends. We have seen more bravery and attempts to cut through the noise. We have no doubts some of those will carry through to the new year. We also remain certain that web designers have other innovative ideas up their sleeves waiting for the right time.

A Guide to Website Traffic Sources: What Do They Mean for Your Business?

Google Analytics isn’t just for your web agency. Business owners and their marketing and sales teams alike can get a lot of invaluable data from basic Analytics reports. Understanding website traffic sources is one of them. Just knowing that you have 2,000 organic visits a day isn’t enough. The audience from each traffic type has its own unique characteristics. Knowing them is crucial when developing a marketing or SEO strategy for your business. Here’s our guide to website traffic sources.

What Is a Wireframe and Why Are They Crucial for Web Design

Wireframes are one of the best tools to make the website design process more efficient. However, they can be confusing to the stakeholders. There’s a number of conventions that you need to know before diving deep.

How Consumer Choices Influence Business Website Design

Giving your customers an abundance of choices can hurt your business. We have analysed customer behaviour and psychological studies to give you a better idea of why your website might be underperforming. Learn how human short-term memory and other factors affect business website design.

Design and Content Optimisation Tips Based on Website Scanning Patterns

Among various website scanning patterns, the F-pattern is the most well-known. However, web designers tend to misunderstand its implications, ultimately wasting resources to conform to the pattern. We’ve compiled a quick summary of the area and an explanation of why the F-pattern is bad for your visitors and your business, together with tips on how to improve your design and content based on scanning patterns.

Web Design: Why Less Is More

“Less is more” is a phrase that gets thrown around frequently in all areas of design, including web design. But do we really understand it? Do you know why less is more? We take a closer look at the theory behind this statement and analyse how you should reflect it in the design of your website.

The Colour and How It Affects Your Sales

Whether you’re using your website to generate sales or simply to promote your business, a colour scheme matching the purpose of your site will increase your leads and make you more money. Here are a few guidelines to retain your visitors and eventually convert them into clients by using adequate website colours.

How Your Website Can Better Your Business

Any business owner should consider their business website as a key tool in their organisation. If you are putting resources and finance into your website, then it should be giving you something back. Don’t let yours just sit around and float in cyberspace – get it to buckle up and do some work!

Web Design Tips: Web Design The Right Way

Making your business website stand out to the visitors is a key factor in converting them into clients. Here are ten web design tips to help you achieve just that.

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