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North Star metrics for your website and online business

Conversion rate is a hot topic, but we think that kind of hyper-fixation is dangerous for organisations. There’s a lot that happens between someone searching for your business online, and buying from you. Every single step needs optimisation – both online and offline. That’s why we like approaching website goals using the North Star metric framework, which gives businesses a better perspective. Learn about conversion rate and website North Star metrics in our articles below.

What is a website conversion and conversion rate?

If you have a website, someone has preached about conversions to you. “We need to do CRO to increase your conversion rate” always sounds like gibberish at first. By the end of this article, you’ll know what they’re talking about and you’ll learn why obsessing over the conversion rate of your website isn’t the healthiest approach.

Website call to action tips – how to write better buttons

Calls to action are a marketer’s bread and butter. TV advertisements have been shouting at us “call now” well before the Internet. Offline applications of CTAs are still important, but websites are a bit different. And for those of you that understand the psychology of Calls to Action, I’ll reveal a few tips and tricks about the user experience of your buttons.

Find out if you’re wasting your Google Ads budget

It’s not uncommon for companies to “lose” money on digital advertising. Measuring campaigns for brand awareness is hard. Sometimes, there’s no way to tell that your latest and greatest sale visited the website from an ad a year ago. But for businesses selling products or SaaS subscriptions, calculating the profitability of ads on Google and other services is critical. Our simple calculator helps you do it from scratch in just minutes.

Why digital marketing fails – the biggest reason that nobody mentions

The list of reasons for digital marketing failure is considerable. And since we all learn through failure, as a digital marketer you probably know most of them by heart. Whether you’re looking for the reason your latest campaign didn’t deliver, trying to make the next one even better than the previous, or preemptively learning about them before your next big project – you’ve heard it all. But nine out of ten times, the most important reason is left out. That reason is your website.

Website ROI – which aspects determine your return on investment?

The affordable ways to build a website have clouded the investment aspect of business sites. But the deal that appears to be cheap at twice the price is actually cheap at half the price. Creating a basic website on a budget will cause it to be an expense rather than an investment. Your business will lose money – and much more than just the fee.

What is bounce rate and how to reduce it

While the definition of bounce rate is pretty straightforward, the implications of different values for various types of websites aren’t. The metric represents single-page visits to your site that end without further interaction. But does that mean high bounce rate is always bad? And on the contrary, is low bounce rate always good? How is it different from the exit rate? Let’s find out.


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