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Learn about PPC landing page optimisation

SMEs and startups can often struggle when entering the digital advertising space. The ease with which you can create ads is both a blessing and a curse. Being able to set them up in just a few hours opens up the possibility for lots of mistakes. For example, being unaware of your conversion value exposes you to setting up a Google Ads campaign that isn’t profitable for your business. In our articles, we explain the process of setting up ads – why are they important, how to avoid mistakes, types of digital advertising, and much more.

Find out if you’re wasting your Google Ads budget

It’s not uncommon for companies to “lose” money on digital advertising. Measuring campaigns for brand awareness is hard. Sometimes, there’s no way to tell that your latest and greatest sale visited the website from an ad a year ago. But for businesses selling products or SaaS subscriptions, calculating the profitability of ads on Google and other services is critical. Our simple calculator helps you do it from scratch in just minutes.

Why digital marketing fails – the biggest reason that nobody mentions

The list of reasons for digital marketing failure is considerable. And since we all learn through failure, as a digital marketer you probably know most of them by heart. Whether you’re looking for the reason your latest campaign didn’t deliver, trying to make the next one even better than the previous, or preemptively learning about them before your next big project – you’ve heard it all. But nine out of ten times, the most important reason is left out. That reason is your website.