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How to run Design Sprint workshops

The Design Sprint is an innovation framework designed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures. The process solves big challenges in a week and is widely used as a product development tool.

Google used it to create Gmail, and Slack took advantage of Design Sprint to re-invent their marketing and get more customers – just to give you a few examples. We’ve successfully adapted the process to the web design industry, and we’ve written several articles about the journey.

I really liked Design Sprint workshops.
Justyna, at

Every mistake that could make your Design Sprint fail

The Design Sprint is a new process for most people. It’s not immediately obvious how important are some of its aspects. This can easily spiral out of control, as one person’s assumption can have a knock-on effect on the entire group and the outcome. A skilled facilitator will alleviate most of these concerns, but it’s useful for every participant to know what “danger” is around the corner.

Why building websites isn’t fun

If you’ve never had an awful experience with building a website, cast the first stone. Projects are often a drag, they become a tug of war and everyone heaves a sigh of relief when they are done. This is probably the shortest and most accurate description of the traditional “waterfall” approach for web design.

Agile design process – what is agile web design?

Building products for months using a traditional, linear approach is holding businesses back. Your company changes all the time and so do the requirements. Locking in a fixed scope for a website always ends in a tug of war. The scope evolves with your business and by the end of the project the initial requirements are outdated.


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