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Design Sprint Workshops for Web Design

We use the innovative design sprint workshops to build websites that work for people. The collaborative process aligns your team and helps your experts solve big challenges. In just five days, you get a user-tested website prototype. It gives you a more focused brief without excessive documentation.

The design sprint workshops maximise your return on investment by combining:

  • the needs of your organisation
  • the knowledge of your diverse team of experts
  • the requirements of your audience
  • our web design and development experience
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Design sprint prototype

Ditch the fixed scope for a more focused website brief

As a truly agile company, we value working products over unnecessary documentation and never-ending meetings. Our process aims to solve big challenges, and that requires focus. We always have our eyes set on the overarching goal of your business and we tackle challenges as and when needed.

Instead of drafting up lengthy fixed scope documents, we invite your team to hyper-focused design sprint workshops. This innovative process ensures you only invest in the features that your business and audience need. We prioritise tasks in terms of business value to deliver an MVP as soon as possible and then build on top of it.

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Sketches of different website scopes.

What is a “more focused brief”?

The outcomes of a design sprint

Design sprint workshops are user-centric from day zero. The most tangible outcome of the process is a user-tested, interactive prototype of a website. We validated the ideas of a design sprint team during test sessions with your target audience – before the cost sink of web design and development. It gives you much-needed clarity before you move forward.

But there’s more to the design sprint than a prototype. It has several benefits that aren’t directly related to a new website. The process is extremely collaborative and engaging a diverse group of experts from your company allows us to maximise the chance of success. By the end of the weekly sprint, your team will be aligned as to how to solve your biggest challenge. As a byproduct, it’s an incredible team-building experience.

Last but not least, it brings in unexpected discoveries. It’s an innovation process for a reason – you’ll learn new things about your business, both individually and as a group. With every exercise, we put emphasis on the fact that you don’t discard any ideas during the process. We vote for the winning ones, but every single suggestion can be referenced in subsequent design sprint workshops, like a never-ending loop of ideas.

Design sprint phases and their outcomes

What is a design sprint?

The design sprint is a rapid innovation process that helps build products in a collaborative, user-centric environment. We help you assemble a diverse team of experts and invite them to design sprint workshops where the magic happens.

For in-person workshops, we need two days of full attention from your team. In a remote setting, we spread it over three days of video calls which last a few hours each.

With the outcomes of the design sprint workshops, we design an interactive prototype and test it with the target audience to validate our ideas.

How to prepare for a design sprint

We can achieve a lot during a single design sprint, but it’s best to be prepared. Our take on the process includes one week called The Foundation, where we do just enough research and legwork to make the workshops as enjoyable and efficient as possible. We’re always available for your team during that week in case you have any questions, and we help you assemble the best design sprint team – a diverse group of experts that know your business inside out.

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Who participates in a design sprint

The design sprint is an excellent innovation framework that brings the best out of the members of your team. But before diving deep into the exercises, the facilitators have an important job – to help you assemble the right design sprint team. Here’s are the key design sprint roles and tips on how to prepare a shortlist of participants from your company.

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Are you tired of the traditional, fixed scope process of building websites that don’t convert? A typical web design project usually sucks the life out of its participants. We change that with the design sprint workshops. Our mission is to build a better Web, one site at a time. Is yours next?

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