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Website 3 mins to read

3 best web analytics plugins for WordPress

You can't overemphasize the importance of web analytics. Disregarding them in web development is like running a business without financial reports. If you're investing in something it's necessary to track the return on your investment. Analytics plugins do just that. They provide metrics to improve not only user experience, but also the conversion rate on your site.

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Analytics WordPress

Dawid Zimny

5th of Sep 2018

Website 5 mins to read

Pros and cons of personal data collection

It’s almost guaranteed that your website collects personal data. GDPR even classifies IP address as “personal data”. Gathering the information is useful for various reasons, but you have to be wary of the drawbacks. It’s not only a legal burden. Your website could suffer from even a minor mistake in your web forms. Have you ever considered if your site asks for too much personal data?

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Dawid Zimny

30th of Aug 2018

Design 4 mins to read

The colour and how it affects your sales

Have you ever wondered why Amazon uses a particular colour for their “Add to cart” buttons? Like with every other website, there’s more to their colour palette than just a couple of colours that work well together. Here’s a brief introduction to how it could affect your conversions and sales.

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Digital psychology User experience

Dawid Zimny

22nd of Aug 2018

Website 9 mins to read

8 things your website absolutely needs right now

Wouldn't you assume your new car comes with an attached steering wheel? Of course, you would. For one, it's a legal requirement, but also otherwise the vehicle is declared useless. When we consider products, we take some of their traits for granted. When was the last time you questioned a supplier if their wristwatch arrives with a strap or if a kettle includes the heating element? Naturally, each manufacturer stands out by implementing innovative gimmicks, but at the end of the day, the product gist remains untouched. Websites aren't any different. Or are they?

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Accessibility Analytics Digital marketing Technical excellence User experience

Tomasz Lisiecki

26th of Apr 2018

Website 4 mins to read

We have got GDPRed. Have you?

Remember what year our beloved Facebook was invented in? That's right, 2004. What if I told you the last update in the data privacy was made back in 1998? Feeling a little less secure all of sudden, aren't we? Unfortunately, the reality is our personal information is currently protected by a very out-dated act released 20 years ago, which doesn't take into account the Internet's growth that has happened since.

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Tomasz Lisiecki

16th of Mar 2018