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Workshops 7 mins to read

Six steps to write website copy that resonates with your audience

Writing copy is named as one of the top website challenges by marketers. But with the correct approach, you can make it as efficient and enjoyable as building with Lego blocks. This is a six-step process to help you do just that.

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Dawid Zimny

23rd of Sep 2023

Workshops 12 mins to read

Every mistake that could make your Design Sprint fail

The Design Sprint is a new process for most people. It’s not immediately obvious how important are some of its aspects. This can easily spiral out of control, as one person’s assumption can have a knock-on effect on the entire group and the outcome. A skilled facilitator will alleviate most of these concerns, but it’s useful for every participant to know what “danger” is around the corner.

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Collaboration Design sprint Innovation

Dawid Zimny

31st of Jul 2023

Workshops 14 mins to read

Solve problems in one hour with Lightning Decision Jam

Solving problems in a meeting is a bit of a myth. They drag on; the group gets overpowered by the loudest voices, and it usually ends with an email and an invitation to a follow-up meeting. What if I told you there’s an infinitely better way to do that? It takes just an hour, you can do it remotely and applies to any kind of problem.

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Collaboration Innovation

Tomasz Lisiecki

12th of Sep 2022

Workshops 5 mins to read

Design sprint snacks – how to avoid sugar crashes

An innovation framework calls for an innovative approach to dining. When we facilitate Design Sprints, our choice of food and snacks is scientific. Even though we don't bring heaps of chocolate, it's still delicious and fun. And, in the end, there is some chocolate. 😉

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Collaboration Design sprint Innovation

Dawid Zimny

5th of Aug 2022

Workshops 8 mins to read

Design sprint roles – how to assemble a design sprint team

The design sprint is an excellent innovation framework that brings the best out of the members of your team. But before diving deep into the exercises, the facilitators have an important job - to help you assemble the right design sprint team. Here’s are the key design sprint roles and tips on how to prepare a shortlist of participants from your company.

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Collaboration Design sprint Innovation

Dawid Zimny

28th of Mar 2022