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How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

WordPress owes a lot of its popularity to plugins. Being able to expand the functionality of your website with a single click is convenient and efficient. The features range from simple quality of life improvements to advanced ecommerce solutions. But the convenience comes at a price. Using too many WordPress plugins can lead you down the rabbit hole.

What is Headless WordPress?

The word ‘headless’ is gaining popularity in the industry. High-performance results and great scalability tempt everyone – however, is it enough to give up on solutions that work? Headless Wordpress is an outstanding tool but comes with great responsibility.

Adobe Experience Manager vs WordPress: Which Is Better For Your Business?

WordPress has taken over the Internet. Despite that fact, there are many other content management systems that appeal to businesses. There is one that does exceptionally well – Adobe Experience Manager. It has been on the radar of many companies facing a decision about their next website. But how does it compare to WordPress?