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NerdCow’s services have so far allowed our platforms to secure a lead generation rate that’s twice higher than usual. Thanks to their team’s responsiveness and impeccable project management skills, we can look forward to achieving more milestones within our collaboration.
Luciana, Head of Marketing at Transport Exchange Group


Fresh out of a brand refresh exercise, Transport Exchange Group approached us to turn the concept into reality. As their long-standing partner, we had a great understanding of the market and were equipped to deliver the project in just five weeks. The new direction for the brand made it more challenging, but this is where our unique process helped tremendously. Our outcome-based workshops with the client’s team resulted in a modern, interactive prototype validated with the target audience.

Having a solid foundation from the workshops, we managed to design and deliver the website in just three weeks. Additionally, the scope included migrating all the content for their blog. After a successful launch, the client was eager to continue working on the website. Thanks to our atomic design approach, where every component is a standalone entity, we were able to efficiently create new pages using the existing tools. We’ve also developed new features, including a bespoke content type for their new Road Transport Index with interactive graphs.

What we did

  • Internal strategy and market research workshops
  • Design sprint workshops with the client
  • Mobile-first wireframes and UI design
  • WordPress development
  • Multiple integrations with third-party platforms
  • Accessibility, web standards and SEO all baked in
  • Post-launch improvements and optimisation



more conversions in the first month


years-long business relationship


01. Added value by aligning the website with the brand

02. Reusable components for online and offline marketing

03. Industry experience speeded up the process


Added value by aligning the website with the brand


Our design sprint workshops were a crucial last step in the client’s rebranding exercise. Looking at the brand from the point of view of the end-user and web design requirements raised a number of unexpected questions, which we’ve managed to answer during the workshops. The client’s team previously struggled to express some of the ideas. Thanks to the unique tasks during the workshops they were finally able to put a finger on those.

User testing

The insightful workshops allowed us to create an interactive website prototype in just one day. We’ve recruited ten people matching the target audience to test the prototype thoroughly in two waves. This process allowed us to validate the ideas. We’ve presented the results to the decision-maker, who was eager to proceed with the development.


Reusable components for online and offline marketing

Atomic design

Our atomic design system allowed us to deliver reusable components to the client. In short, this works as an extension to even the most comprehensive branding guidelines.

We design every single website component individually. It makes the process more agile, but it also allows the client to use them anywhere. They can create an entirely new page using the tailor-made components, use them in social media marketing, or even on leaflets and business cards.

Validated with the market

Almost every key component is delivered with proof of validation from the market. We make sure that the results of our user tests are relevant and objective, giving the client full confidence in the design system.

This opens up a number of marketing opportunities, and fuels ideas that wouldn’t be there before. The client’s team can be confident that the outcomes work for their business, which streamlines the process of getting it in front of the target audience.


Industry experience speeded up the process

A trusted partner

We’ve worked on a number of projects in the transportation industry together with Transport Exchange Group. That expert knowledge and experience gave us a head start during the project and made it easier to plan for the user tests.

4x faster than the traditional approach

Having worked with Transport Exchange Group for many years, we’ve observed that our first truly agile collaboration was over four times faster than the previous web design projects. On top of that, our unique and tested process meant we didn’t have to compromise on the quality.

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