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Doddle’s deep-rooted problems

Our first chat with Doddle’s CMO went like any other conversation with a prospect. They had an old website, back from when the brand was focusing on consumer-facing products. With a new branding on the way, they needed help with building a site that showcased Doddle as an enterprise technology provider.

Talking to the team over video and in-person helped us understand the problems. In one heartfelt conversation, we learned that the marketing team and the C-suite were ashamed to point their high-value prospects to the old website.

The solution

Tools to distribute MoFu content

Doddle needed more than a blog or a “content hub”. As the first step, we’ve identified several types of content they were already creating. Together with their team, we identified that their weakest point was MoFu content.

As a result, we gave them tools to publish X different content types and formats:

  • Product guides
  • Case studies
  • Blog articles
  • Webinars

With full editability and CRM integration, Doddle can distribute all types of content to their audience and track downloads. We’ve also fully migrated the old blog and repurposed some articles as the new content types.

Doddle works with:

Making the MoFu content findable

After creating the baseline for MoFu content, we moved on to making it findable across the website. We used the popularity of existing content and created customisable sidebars for each blog post. This allows the Doddle team to point visitors towards advanced content.

We had a lot of iterations, but it never dampened their enthusiasm or their patience. They turned up every week, followed through on exactly what they’d set out to do and more. The degree of helpfulness we got from them was also extraordinary.
Chloe, Marketing Manager at Doddle

Sitewide announcement popups

To top it all off, we created multipurpose popups without using bloated off the shelf solutions. Our team designed & developed just the functionality that Doddle needed. We gave them full editing capabilities and control over where the popups show up, and what triggers their display.

Since then, they’ve used them for things ranging from content promotion, all the way to exciting news in Q4 2023 about their acquisition by the supply chain giants, Blue Yonder.

Questions? 🤔 We’ve got them, too!

What’s bothering you with the existing website? What’s the challenge you wish to solve with a new website? How will you measure the success of the new website?

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