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Coherent user experience

Invest in coherent user experience, not just any user experience

Capitalise on your website traffic by adjusting their experience based on their circumstances.

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Design around your users, not around your business

Coherent user experience is powerful, but there’re things it can’t do:

Ignore your users and focus on administrative tasks instead

Provide uniformity that’s disconnected from reality

Set consistency as the primary goal and kill any newborn ideas

Still looking for benefits?

Your website will feel natural, flexible, and aligned.

Your website will be clear and easy to understand.

Your website will foster cross-platform familiarity.

Your website’ll be accessible at all Internet speeds.

Your website will adapt to all screen sizes and device types.

Your website will meet all accessibility standards.


Start with learning more about their problems

The best insights come from the live traffic, so we’ll start with understanding the real user behaviour.

Not much traffic? That’s OK. Our weapon arsenal includes all sorts of frameworks for usability testing, data crunching, and market research.

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User testing

Big fan of talking with your customers?

It’s one of our strongest suits.

Read how our Digital Intelligence product can help you better understand your site visitors.

With Nerd Cow, from day two, we were doing user testing. It was a fantastic process. It helped us understand everything more.
Mario, Director at Leftover Currency

Design systems

We aim for clarity, not uniformity

Quickly prototype ideas with the team.

Design systems are at the core of our Visual Continuity product.

NerdCow started with prototypes, then external testing, before building it up in the design system for us to see.
Chloe, Marketing Manager at Doddle

Members who spoil their customers with a coherent user experience

Courier Exchange

Marketing collateral delivered in the most convenient way for the users.

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Doddle Logistics

A marketing engine for Doddle, an enterprise technology company.

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Build a website experience that meets the users’ expectations – whatever their circumstances

By giving the users what they need and when they need it, we can increase customer satisfaction with your brand and number of leads for your business.

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