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NerdCow has offered a comprehensive website audit to identify issues with the website. We have used modern analytic tools to track user interactions, purchase funnels, and drop-off points. As a result, we were able to suggest SEO, design, and feature choices that would improve the conversion rate of the website.

The Transport Library received an audit report that analysed:

  • audience preferences
  • customer behaviour
  • user journey & interactions
  • website design & features
  • SEO & metadata issues



increase in conversions


increased click-through rate


project duration

Since the revamping of the website, we experienced a 50% increase in sales. NerdCow took initiative while remaining thorough with identifying website improvements. They demonstrated a transparent and agile approach to their workflow.
Robin, Director at The Transport Library


01. Cost-effective audit

02. Invaluable audience research

03. Impactful redesign


Cost-effective audit

Conversion rate optimisation

Our audit was a cost-effective way to learn about the scope of potential changes. Establishing the priority of each discovery enabled us to implement the changes in multiple iterations. That way, we brought value to the client much faster. The results were visible after the first phase, rather than after a long and costly project.


Invaluable audience research

User surveys

There’s no better way to gather feedback than simply asking for it. We’ve implemented various surveys across the website which made it easy for visitors to tell us what they think. The client was surprised by how easy it was to get the feedback without a need for incentives.

Abandoned carts

Working as an extension of The Transport Library team, we took initiative and contacted users with abandoned carts. They were just as eager to give us feedback. Some answers were unexpected – seeing that people often simply forgot to check out, we’ve implemented subtle reminders via email. The improvement was almost instant and the customers appreciated the little change.


Impactful redesign

Internal search engine improvements

On top of a low conversion rate, we have identified issues with the functionality of the Home page search engine and the click-through rate on the search results pages (SERP). The old search engine was sophisticated and very flexible but the execution wasn’t friendly for an audience where 77% of people were in the 45+ age group.

Our solution was to design a modern Home page with a simple search feature. The single input field was later complemented by SERP filters. Additionally, we have simplified the navigation reducing the distractions and redundant category elements.

Engaging products

After improving the Home page and click-through rate on search results, the natural next step was to polish the Product page design.

To tackle the issues with the Product page we have simplified the purchase options, making size selection easier and the prices more prominent. To address scrolling past numerous search results pages without product interaction, we have added a secondary call to action in the form of popular products recommendation.

Questions? 🤔 We’ve got them, too!

What’s bothering you with the existing website? What’s the challenge you wish to solve with a new website? How will you measure the success of the new website?

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