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We reduce risk and learn what works for your audience by testing your website with real users

To this day, most websites launch on a hunch. We love building creative and beautiful experiences. But for businesses which rely on a website, such risk is unacceptable. Testing interfaces and website content with the target audience early in the process gives you more certainty before the launch.

Why you need to test your website with real users

It has never been easier to find design inspiration. But the problem is that people almost always publish designs without context. Many of the beautiful user interfaces out there are just concepts that nobody has ever used.

Design is also one of the more expensive parts of the process. Committing to weeks or months of full-time design work is a tremendous gamble for a business of any size.

What you get out of user testing your website

Collect User Experience feedback

In the uncertain environment of business, we operate on assumptions. With usability testing, you get to test every hypothesis and design choice.

Do you expect users to go straight to your “money” page? In our tests, 40%+ start by reading about the company! Insights like this help you build a better customer journey.

Website accessibility banner displaying the struggle of navigation the cursor to a desired end point.

Test website accessibility

Not everyone uses the Web the same way you or we do. Plenty of people rely on keyboard-only navigation, screen readers, and other assistive technology.

This is true for every audience. In some industries, complying with accessibility standards is a legal requirement.

Get additional business insights

We structure website user tests to answer specific questions. But our number one priority is creating a natural, person-to-person environment during the test.

This makes people eager to share their general thoughts. The ideas range from novel ways to find the company to product feedback that spark an idea for the client.

NerdCow offers user testing and that was the deciding factor. User feedback was an invaluable selling point that helped us increase engagement. We went from zero leads to two qualified sales calls per week.
Justyna, Chief of Staff at Biomedical Research Company

What’s included in our usability testing offering

Feedback analysis from a web UX team

Our multidisciplinary team analyses the feedback from user testing sessions for you.

Organised suggestions + raw data

We organise the feedback and conclusions for you, together with access to the raw data.

Access to live sessions and recordings

We invite one person from your team to spectate live sessions and everyone can watch the recorded tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to find testers matching my target audience?

The short answer is yes. With one client, we looked for… preclinical cancer model research scientists. Phew, that’s a mouthful. We did it without stretching the budget. For edge-case scenarios, recruiting participants might be expensive or last longer, but we never had to cancel a project because of it.

How long will it take?

Our tests take between 2 to 10 days, with most of them finishing within 5 days. Some projects require several types of tests, or multiple rounds of the same test. We need to know more about your website to give an accurate estimate of the methods & delivery time.

How much does user testing cost?

We try to find a solution using a value-based approach within your budget. Not every challenge requires expensive, moderated user tests.

If you want to see numbers, unfortunately, it depends – but here’s our best attempt at giving you a rough idea.

For website navigation tests, recruitment cost start at as little as £1 per participant. The cost can go up depending on the characteristics of your audience – B2B tests are more expensive.

Live, moderated user tests hover around £70-100 combined for recruitment and incentives.

Finally, setting up the test and analysing the data starts at around £300 for simple unmoderated tests, and can go into a few thousands for live sessions.

The user testing is very strong. With other agencies, we would’ve had limited testing, but with NerdCow, from day two, we were doing usability testing. It was a really good process. It helped us understand everything more.
Mario, Director at Leftover Currency Ltd

Sounds good so far? 👍

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