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Let’s figure out where your users get stuck.
And then fix it.

We help companies find issues with their user journey. Using a collaborative approach, we talk to your clients and the experts at your company to deliver the best experience for the end users. Our team optimises your omnichannel user journey – from website improvements to changing offline post-order processes. This results in improved efficiency, more leads and sales growth.

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Collaborative user journey mapping

Understanding you and your users.

Every test needs a hypothesis. We get there using workshops that help us understand your internal problems and identify weak links in your process. Then, we speak to your target audience to make the final judgement.

I appreciate the user feedback and I really liked the workshops. – Justyna, Chief of Staff @ Repositive
Justyna, at

Improve the team alignment.

Unanimous alignment does not exist. We don’t expect you to agree on everything with the rest of the team, but we make teams more aligned with every workshop. We want it to be better than before you met us.

Impactful user journey managements

We integrate online with offline.

Every user journey is different. It’s important to look at how your offline workflows affect the digital experience of the users. We mirror your usage of internal workflows and experience them anonymously as the end user to spot weak links.

We watched as people interacted with the site and how it led to sales or non-sales, and together, we put something that changed the look and feel of the site. – Robin, Director @ The Transport Library
Robin, at
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What NerdCow does best is looking at our processes and making them better. We love finding quick wins for the user experience.
Alex, Marketing Project Manager at The National Federation of Demolition Contractors

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Tell us about the existing user journey in your business and let’s see what we can achieve together.

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