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Why does your business need a content strategy?

The rapid growth of Internet accessibility drastically increased the demand for online content. The ease of access and flexibility makes it much more appealing than a strict TV schedule or several themed newspapers to choose from.

What people want to see is now just a few clicks away. With the growing share of mobile Internet traffic, the catalyst for access to the Web is more than likely in their pocket. Smartphones and tablets allow people to consume content from virtually any place on the planet.

On one hand, you might ask: how is my small business supposed to reach customers in the over-saturated market? That’s a viable question, and the answer depends on multiple variables and will dictate your entire content strategy.

But spin it the other way around and you’ll understand just why it’s so important. If your customer can find what they are looking for anywhere but on your site and your social media, what will make them choose your business?

The content strategy establishes expertise and brings exposure

Content marketing is a long-term process. But getting it right brings the same benefits as traditional marketing forms and with a better return on investment. The latter is often underestimated.

Not only does it boost your search engine optimisation efforts by giving your business exposure, but your content also establishes your expertise and builds the image of your brand.

In an age when engagement is crucial (just look at the time people scroll on the “infinite” social media feeds), content is also a tool that helps you nurture your existing customers and leads.

Content goes head-to-head with premium services

A case study of customer requirements at a luxurious airport lounge in Hong Kong revealed that content still appeals to customers that could have access to unlimited snacks, yoga classes, and many more benefits.

Cathay Pacific Airlines have developed a partnership with PressReader, a content delivery platform.

Even though their loyal customers get extravagant benefits, they were hungry for more. Giving them access to content has not only met some of their requirements but also became yet another customer touchpoint for the company.

While the benefits of content marketing will vary case-by-case, it’s clear that if content appeals even to first-class customers, most businesses can find a way to take advantage of a content strategy.

How does it translate to a content-first approach for website builds?

First, content tells your story. It’s the crucial element of your site that is enhanced by the visual layer tailored to your story. Therefore, crafting a static design before telling your story is a huge limitation.

Second, content is your primary tool for creating the customer journey. Call-to-action buttons will attract the attention of your visitors, but if the labels and story around them aren’t compelling, even the greatest design will fall flat.

If your designed container is too big or isn’t big enough for your content, your only choices are two compromises.

Either you go back to the design phase and increase the cost of the project exponentially, or you re-visit the content creation with less of an initial cost, but with a huge trade-off in a form of a poorly optimised story.

It’s clear that these scenarios are far from optimal for both your business and the web agency building your website.

Many business owners and marketing executives aren’t aware of the importance of a content-first approach. Sadly, that’s also the case for a lot of web and marketing agencies. That’s why we found it crucial to give you a closer look at the philosophy behind the approach.

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Originally published May 09, 2019 10:07:34 AM, updated June 1 2023.

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