Strategy & Discovery


Without proper planning and meeting back-end requirements, a website or a web application cannot function and will have glitches and delays. These delays can cost the clients and creates a less than impressive impact on the credibility of the web development company.

Avoid the inconvenience of using a sub-standard web development service. Choose Nerd Cow with years of experience and the needed expertise to effectively plan and execute a project immediately. We have decades of professional experience in WordPress and our bespoke web development services have taught us to handle any project with the flexibility to resolve issues as they occur.


01. Recognise requirements

First things first. Nerd Cow is an expert in Identifying exact requirements and possible roadblocks in any project. This is one of the most crucial parts of developing any website. We achieve a flawless project roadmap by conducting an interview with our clients to recognise the goals.

02. Discover solutions

After we collect all necessary information, we establish the best way forward and decide on the most suitable technologies for your project. At this point, we are able to recommend the best tools while creating your website.

03. Recommend approach

We answer all your questions related to your project. By getting all your questions answered, you can see the clearer picture including the different resources needed to complete the project in the allotted time and budget. We agree to all terms and conditions with our clients before their major project kicks off.

Project Schedule

After completing the discovery phase, we provide you with a series of documents. One of them is the Project Schedule, which consists of project’s timeline, deliverables, goals, and terms. The Project Schedule is a very detailed portrayal of what is going to be the next step.


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