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Innovative web design for small businesses and startups

Our web design process aims to deliver value as soon as possible, which is critical for startup websites. The fast-paced environment forces efficient management of resources regardless of the stage of the startup. We’ve worked with up-and-coming companies and startups in various funding phases. Learn how our expertise allowed them to improve their bottom line.

I appreciate the user feedback and their agile approach to web design and development.
Justyna, at

User-tested websites for startups

The ultimate goal of our startup web design services is to meet the needs of your organisation and your clients. Our flexible and value-orientated approach helps small businesses validate ideas before committing to the production of a website. We do it by running a Design Sprint to solve your website’s biggest challenge.

Design a startup website with confidence and flexibility

A Design Sprint has two major outcomes:

  • invaluable user feedback
  • a validated prototype

Combining them helps you make an educated decision about the investment in a website. What’s best, a Design Sprint doesn’t have to be a commitment to the full project. We can run it in isolation, and you can use the outcomes to develop the website in-house, take it to another agency, or proceed to the production with us at a later stage.

We’ve had successful projects working with companies that spaced out the Design Sprint and production. You have full control over the project and the budget.

Startup website examples

Many up-and-coming businesses rely on digital presences. A startup company website is often your only sales channel.

Coaching directory for executive, leadership, management, and career development

We’ve launched the Trusted Coach Directory startup in 2016. Since then, they’ve been realising their mission to raise the standard of coaching in the UK. The platform makes finding a coach as easy as possible. Every single member of the directory goes through a strict verification process. On top of that, TCD builds a great community which helps the members improve their skills. We’ve helped the startup get off the ground and create the perfect directory for people and businesses looking for professional coaching, and we’re constantly working together to improve the website.

New look for a german startup who makes soil better

Novihum Technologies invented a new type of organic soil enhancers. They faced a number of challenges with their old website. The team struggled to communicate with a global audience. The pages were not editable, causing bottlenecks in ther process. We have developed a comprehensive digital marketing solution for the client. The website includes integration with the Zoho CRM, a multilingual setup for three languages, and more.

Web development for startups

Our best value lies in the unique process and everyone’s favourite collaborative website prototyping workshops. But you still can take advantage of our web development services without a Design Sprint. We are one of the few agile web design agencies around with the capacity to deliver your MVP in just a few weeks. You can approach us with a mockup, a prototype, or even empty-handed. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Become part of the herd

Let’s grow together

We’ve transformed our agency to design a collaborative process for one reason. We grow when you grow. Building websites in isolation is as good as a coin flip. If you liked what you’ve seen here, let’s kick things off with a 15-minute call with our founder. He’ll answer all your burning questions and outline the next steps for our collaboration.

Ongoing startup support

Website services for small businesses

Our approach is not only collaborative but also very personal. We become a part of your herd for the duration of any project, but we also offer ongoing support to small businesses. We offer web design & development retainers starting at just 4 hours a month. The agreement includes:

  • a dedicated web designer
  • a web developer
  • SEO assistance from a project manager

Even when working based on a retainer, we are still agile to the bone. Our approach can effectively give you 12 manhours each month. The flexible terms allow rollover of unused hours, early termination clause, and more.