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B2B Website Examples In Our Portfolio

We’ve worked with solely B2B businesses, and those that are both B2B and B2C. Below you’ll find the B2B website design examples and UX case studies from our portfolio.

Effective user journeys for a tech company

Doddle struggled to get eyes on their middle-of-the-funnel content. During our in-person workshops, the team admitted they were ashamed to show it to prospects. The site wasn’t editable enough to keep up with the growing marketing team. We’ve redesigned it to showcase Doddle as a technology business.

Improving the perception of a trade association

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors approached us to change the perception of the association. NFDC’s website struggled to get their message across. It didn’t meet the expectations of members and stakeholders. The unintuitive interface caused a ton of unnecessary calls to the NFDC staff, and the team had little to no flexibility when editing the website. Here’s what we did to help.

Coaching directory for executive, leadership, management, and career development

We’ve launched the Trusted Coach Directory startup in 2016. Since then, they’ve been realising their mission to raise the standard of coaching in the UK. The platform makes finding a coach as easy as possible. Every single member of the directory goes through a strict verification process. On top of that, TCD builds a great community which helps the members improve their skills. We’ve helped the startup get off the ground and create the perfect directory for people and businesses looking for professional coaching, and we’re constantly working together to improve the website.

Supporting innovation in transport and logistics

Established in 2000, Transport Exchange Group are an innovator in transport and logistics. They offer a wide range of tools and services for courier and haulage businesses. Their SaaS solutions reduce empty mileage and help the environment. The data-driven Road Transport Price Index has been featured by the likes of Bloomberg. Learn how we’ve helped them make yet another transformative step with a new web design.

Headless website for the largest directory of preclinical cancer models

We’ve built a blazing-fast, headless website for the biomedical research industry’s new digital standard. As an innovator in their own space, the client was eager to take advantage of our unique process. We’ve integrated the website with the client’s SaaS solution using cutting-edge technology. Our team added a ton of character based on their fantastic branding guidelines.

New look for a German startup who makes soil better

Novihum Technologies invented a new type of organic soil enhancers. They faced a number of challenges with their old website. The team struggled to communicate with a global audience. The pages were not editable, causing bottlenecks in ther process. We have developed a comprehensive digital marketing solution for the client. The website includes integration with the Zoho CRM, a multilingual setup for three languages, and more.

B2B Web Design Agency Focused On Conversions And Lead Generation

We’ve worked with several businesses to design websites that improve their B2B lead generation. Thanks to our unique process, we’ve engaged their teams in a series of collaborative workshops to deliver meaningful outcomes. As a result, we were able to design and develop websites that doubled their leads – all in as little as 5 weeks.

We doubled leads generated from our website in the first month of launch.
Luciana, at

We Are An Agile Web Agency That Focuses On You

Working with us is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered with a B2B website design agency. We focus on you, your organisation, and your clients.

Our approach combines the innovative Design Sprint process with agile web development to deliver user-tested outcomes.

As an agile agency, we’re a breath of fresh air in our industry. Our services give you more flexibility and control compared to the traditional agency model.

We do this by building your website in weekly iterations.

Your stakeholders speak with us every single week to review progress and priorities.

This allows us to deliver the most value to your business as soon as possible.

B2B WordPress Web Design

We get many enquiries about the validity of using WordPress for a B2B website. Considering the popularity of the CMS, many marketing teams are familiar with WordPress. But subpar WordPress web developers have burned most of them in the past.

Our approach is different and fully bespoke. We strip the WordPress of any unnecessary functionality that clogs it up and value bespoke functionality over unreliable plugins.

You get a solution that works for you and is intuitive to use.