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Learning about a week in the life of a web agency can be an enlightening experience. Working on a full-cycle projects means there are several crucial tasks on top of writing seemingly incomprehensible lines of code. Dive into our world of technology, creativity and self-improvement.

1. Weekly catch-ups

When our week starts, the previous one hasn’t officially finished yet. We start Mondays with a team call that sums up all of our little conversations from the past week.

A group of happy people having a meeting over the table.

The catch-up helps us to establish the goals for the new week and to sum up the progress made in each of our projects. It is crucial considering our approach to building websites.

We provide regular updates to the clients and include them in the process as much as possible to ensure we deliver a satisfying end product.

Because of that, it’s vital that everyone in the team is aware of what has to be done next and when it is needed. A catch-up on Monday ensures we have everything laid out for the upcoming days.

2. Website maintenance and analysis

As mentioned before, we don’t leave the previous week in the past. The next step after our catch-up is to check the security of our clients’ websites.

We make sure everything is up-to-date to avoid unpleasant surprises after the weekend. Depending on the client’s maintenance plan we update each of the sites accordingly.

This includes WordPress core and plugin updates, database health monitoring, custom development and other bespoke security services.

Then we move on to our analytic tools to monitor the performance of each website. Data-driven analysis is a crucial part of our website building process. We want to make educated choices not only before building the site, but also post-launch.

We breakdown last week’s traffic, perform SEO and page speed check-ups, analyse the traffic data and watch anonymous session recordings to identify any issues and possible improvements.

3. Ongoing website builds

Meanwhile, depending on the arrangements during our catch-up, we continue website analysis, content creation, design and development phases of respective projects.

We collect and analyse data, create compelling content to tell the story of a business, deliver wireframes and design mockups to clients and put them to life with future-proof code.

Our team conducts meetings and calls with clients to update them on the status of the project and collect invaluable feedback.

4. Blog articles and newsletter

We are passionate about what we do. That’s why we share our knowledge with you. Unlike any other web design and development blog, we present concepts of various complexion in an easily digestible way.

As a results-orientated web agency, we focus on covering these aspects of websites that immediately and noticeably boost your digital marketing efforts.

Our articles are created with business owners in mind. We help you understand complicated issues across every layer of a website build – from initial analysis to post-launch optimisation.

Every month we publish WordPress Vulnerability Report to help make the WordPress part of the web more secure. We showcase the latest security issues with WordPress and its best-in-class plugins.

Both the report and our blog articles are delivered straight to the inbox of our newsletter subscribers on a weekly basis.

5. Internal tasks

Once we have completed the tasks for our clients it’s time for self-development and working on our internal projects.

Our team stays on top of the latest web design trends and the best web development practices.

We often come by resources that provide valuable knowledge to our readers. From practical editorial tips to industry-specific insights, these articles are an extension to our blog.

They help you understand our process of building websites and give practical advice on how to make the most out of your site post-launch.

Our own website gets the same maintenance treatment as the ones of our clients. We always look for user experience improvements by analysing your behaviour.

One of our internal projects, Tweet Wheel, has just finished the strategy and analysis process.

An image showcasing the user interface of Tweet Wheel plugin created by Nerd Cow.

We are working to redesign the website of our Twitter plugin and we are excited to show you the results in the near future. Keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for the Ride-Along

So there you have it. A lot happens during a week in the life of a Nerd Cow. We hope you enjoyed discovering the tidbits about our web agency and the insights helped you understand the work we do.

And now that you know more about us, let us learn more about you. See who we work with and drop us a line if you’d like to discover new opportunities for your website and digital marketing.

Originally published Apr 18, 2019 9:11:41 AM, updated October 22 2020.

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