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We’re back to the office! Plus, five Nerd Cow features in the media

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Our team is back to the office at a new location in the heart of Whitechapel. Learn more about our first month after over a year of working from home. Plus, see our latest features in the media on a variety of topics, from eCommerce and website tips, to mental health advice.

As the UK slowly opens up during the pandemic, we are finally back to the office! The latest stage of loosening restrictions on Monday, 17th of May, marked our first month at the new location. After over a year of working from home, we have moved to an office right across the Whitechapel Building and next to the Aldgate East station. As our team commutes mostly by bike, the amazing Cycle Superhighway is a blessing.

We couldn’t be more happy to be back and the creative space is a huge improvement over the remote reality. The team was eager to return to the office in a safe manner and the first month proved to be a success. So much so that we might consider upgrading to a bigger space soon – stay tuned for that! In the meantime, here’s a lovely panoramic view from the roof garden of our building.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and we can’t wait to see you soon. If not for a full duration of workshops just yet, then maybe for a socially distanced cup of coffee at our office in the near future.

On top of the great office news, our team was recently featured in a number of media publications. The topics range from advice for business website owners, all the way to mental health in the remote environment. Our contributions appeared alongside other industry experts so we hope you find the information valuable.

68 Tips For Designing A Trust-Centered Website – Idea Grove

User testing as at the core of our process. The undeniable value of feedback from your audience at the earliest stage of prototyping enables us to deliver excellent websites for our clients, and this was the topic of our contribution to a recent Idea Grove article.

Ecommerce Email Marketing: 8 Strategies to Improve Performance – AgencyAnalytics

How often have you added products to a cart to then never complete the purchase? According to the statistics, the abandonment rate of eCommerce shopping carts can be as high as 80%. We’ve recommended abandoned cart emails as an efficient way to optimise eCommerce email marketing. And what’s best, you can fully automate it!

12 Popular ecommerce Trends 2021 – DataFeedWatch

Would you ever visit a website that you can’t use? Unfortunately, more than 2 million people in the UK virtually can’t use most websites. They suffer from web impairing disabilities, and the figure goes up to over 30 million in the US! We’ve tested top 100 British retailers’ websites for our 2020 UK eCommerce Report and ALL of the sites reported as “unusable to some”.

Remote Employees Concerned about Mental Health – Theravive

The sudden transition and over a year of work from home, self-isolation and social distancing took a toll on our mental health. Our founder, Tomasz Lisiecki, spoke to Theravive about Nerd Cow’s approach to supporting our team during the tough period.

Why Do You Love Your CRM? – Demand Planner

A Customer Relationship Management system can turn around your online business. When you think about the number of tasks that small businesses do manually, a CRM could save them tens or hundreds of hours each month. All for a small, manageable monthly fee – and sometimes even for free! We’ve described why Salesforce is an amazing choice due to its scalability. It’s not an entry level CRM, but there are plenty of other suggestions in the article. If you are looking for a CRM, you’ll definitely find something for your business.

Originally published May 18, 2021 3:01:06 PM, updated May 18 2021.

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