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Top 4 Completely Free Image Libraries For Your Website

The good old plain text aligns with visitors on the emotional level and encourages them to consume more content. While it has been working great in books and newspapers, websites can benefit from additional visual aids such as images, videos or icons to appeal to readers and retain them for longer.

When it comes to choosing media for commercial projects, you need to ensure you own necessary licensing to distribute them as a business. In most cases, you would turn your attention to paid libraries such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto and incur an additional expense.

However, your hands are not as tied as you might think. There are free alternatives which I present below. Here are 4 libraries, which provide top-notch quality images, videos and icons, which are free and that you can start using now.


Pixabay - Free Images For Website

Pixabay is our first stop for breathtaking imagery and videography. Their library counts over 1.6 million images shared by their community. As promised, their service is free of charge. You do not even need to create an account to enjoy the collection.


Unsplash - Royalty-Free Images

Unsplash is another website which we frequently visit to find perfect images for our clients. Again, it is entirely free, and with their gigantic library, you are guaranteed to find something that suits the purpose.


Pexels - Commercial Use Images For Website

If you are looking for high-end photographies, then search no further. Pexels deliver on their promise of having the best free stock photos shared by talented photographers.


StockSnap - Website Free Images

StockSnap’s collection is rapidly growing week by week and grants you access to hundreds of beautiful stock photos, which are free from any copyright restrictions. Dive in and use them in your next personal or commercial project.

Originally published Nov 19, 2018 2:48:07 PM, updated October 22 2020.

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