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The Foundation

How We Focus On Your Organisation’s Needs

Your website does not live in isolation. It is an interaction between you and your customers. And that’s where our process starts. Before getting in the trenches, we talk to your team and do the legwork for a week. We believe that a highly focused chat is the best way to understand your requirements and pain points.

Foundation - Agile Web Design Process

We become a part of your herd

If you’ve experienced building a website in isolation before, you know that it’s not efficient. Working with us is a collaboration, not a project. During the Foundation stage of our collaboration, we assemble a team of experts from your camp and ours. This diverse, tight-knit group allows us to give your website the edge that it’s been missing.

Creating a more focused brief

We share the responsibility with you

A traditional process requires you to write lengthy requirement documents. Let’s face it, nobody likes doing that. And, most of the time, nobody likes reading them. Starting a project by writing documentation is the exact opposite of agile – it’s clumsy. 

It shouldn’t be your responsibility to list the features of your new website. We can’t fully take it off your shoulders, but we share that responsibility with you. And it starts with the foundation. Our innovative process focuses on discovering your needs organically during workshops with your team and user tests with your customers. You have all the business knowledge, but we bring design and UX expertise to the table. Our team combines your insights and our research to lay the foundation for the success of our collaboration.


Covering all the bases

We work towards a common goal, but a diverse team allows us to address various challenges and validate different perspectives. Variety is the key, as the team feeds off each other’s ideas. The more the merrier.

Getting to know you

Our process is very people-centric. We send your team members a quick questionnaire about the goals of their department and existing pain points. Then we hop on individual calls with them to make sense of the answers and build a comprehensive image of your needs.

Doing the leg work

Inspired by the conversations with you, we dig deeper to filter the requirements and fill the gaps. Our team uses this time to prepare for the next step. This ensures we don’t start with a blank slate.

The next step – Web Design Sprint workshops

With the solid foundation and a fantastic team assembled, we transition into a more hands-on approach. Our team meets for a couple of workshops and the outcome is a more focused brief.

Learn about the prototyping stage