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On the back of a good 2018, which ended with a successful exhibition at The Business Show 2018, we’ve jumped straight into 2019 with great plans, new goals and the same values that helped us build healthy relationships with our loyal clients.

We’ve had a year filled with successful projects

We’ve supported businesses of our new amazing connections and our relationships with existing customers flourished.

In 2019, we’ve carried out 33% more projects, with 50% more new websites, and two builds at an advanced stage, which we’ll take with us into 2020.

But we never focused on the quantity, and we wouldn’t be NerdCow without providing you with the data to back it up. We’ve turned around the year for one of our loyal customers increasing their conversion rate by 142.51%.

A new website for one of our new clients, which we’ve been working on throughout the year, yielded a 16.73% increase in their conversion rate and their organic traffic grew by 38.16%.

Seeing such a growth of businesses we work for is fulfilling, but nothing is more rewarding than the kind words from our clients. Their feedback in 2019 was overwhelmingly positive and the extraordinary appreciation was more than we could’ve ever asked for.

This is more than a “website” for me. I am very grateful.
Ingrid, Contemporary Artist at ingridpetersen.com

We’ve added a new member to the NerdCow family

With the increased demand for our services, our plans for the year and our growth goals, we’ve added a new developer to our team. Michał joined us near the 4th quarter of the year and proved to be an invaluable addition to the family, increasing our availability and response times, as well as improving the productivity of other team members by taking on some of their tasks.

We’ve transitioned to the Agile approach

As we’re constantly on a mission to self-improvement, we sat down and discussed our internal processes, which led us to the conclusion that the “waterfall” method of developing a website isn’t the best for us or our clients. We’ve adapted the Agile approach, tweaking the internal processes related to it for months and experimenting with software choices that suit our needs. Agile has helped us reduce our turnaround times drastically and improved the quality of our services.

We’ve continued realising our company’s mission

In 2018 we’ve decided that despite the abundance of information you can find on the Internet, there’s a severe lack of resources that would educate marketers, website managers and business owners on how to ensure their site is profitable.

To our surprise, it was very hard to find resources that would be valuable for the less tech-savvy people that need to understand certain concepts in order to effectively manage a business website.

In 2019 we’ve published 60 articles on our blog, covering topics such as conversion optimisation, lead generation, email marketing, privacy, website security, and many more.

We grew as a company

NerdCow’s key performance indicators have improved across the board. Our services are appreciated by more and more clients and prospects, we’ve optimised our internal processes, increased our productivity and improved the employee happiness. We’ve learned a lot along the way, resulting in a higher quality of our services and fantastic inbound marketing numbers – the traffic to our website has increased by 73.56% so far in 2019, compared to the entire of 2018.

Thank you for making 2019 our best year ever

Thank you to our team, our clients and partners, and everyone who has supported us with a word of advice or encouraged us to improve ourselves with an honest opinion, whether it was constructive criticism or positive feedback.

Thank you to everyone who trusted our vision and expertise. We wouldn’t be here without you and we hope our services exceeded your expectations.

We can only succeed if you do. Here’s to many more years of growth.

Originally published Dec 20, 2019 8:50:00 AM, updated December 12 2023.

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