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Writing for the Web

Never stress over website copy & content again.

Learn how to write for the Web

Get access to the full ebook and lifetime updates – £120 of value for a limited time price of £10.

What's included?
  • 92-page ebook
  • Cheatsheets
  • Our Website Messaging Workshop framework
Get “How To Write for the Web”

The premium learning package

But that’s not all! The Mastery of Writing for the Web package gives you £499 of value for just £39:

  • £40+ of discounts for our future courses,
  • £39 discount for the upcoming video version,
  • have your writing analysed by our content team (worth £300),
  • submit FAQs,
  • exclusive access to buy 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
Get “How To Write for the Web”

What you’ll learn in our ebook:

  1. How your writing shapes the humanity
  2. Why should writing copy be your priority?
  3. Hurdles and risks associated with writing the way school taught you
  4. How to make sure people “get it”
  5. Increase the dwell time of your copy
  6. The science of digital psychology
  7. How to write attention-grabbing headings
  8. What to write about – an SEO primer
  9. Establishing expertise in the eyes of search engines
  10. Content types for different stages of the funnel
  11. The two types of Calls To Action
  12. Four essential content workflow tips
  13. How to facilitate a Website Messaging Workshop

Watch two lessons for FREE before you buy the video course

Our full video course comes with all the perks of the premium learning package, plus:

  • 101 minutes of video lessons
  • FOUR reports on your writing to track your progress
  • Exclusive access to 1-on-1 learning sessions
  • Discounts of up to £100 for future courses

The whole package is worth £1,860 and you can get it now for just £297.

Before you buy, you can watch the first two lessons for free on our YouTube playlist.

Submit your Writing for the Web FAQs

Access to the questions is a part of the “Mastery of Writing for the Web” package.

We need your email address to confirm you’ve purchased the course.

Get “How To Write for the Web”

If you’re still struggling with parts of your writing after reading the course, let us know. We’ll answer the most frequent questions and include the content in future course updates – free for everyone that has purchased it before.

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