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Headless CMS Development Agency

We’ve developed several lightning-fast headless websites for our clients. The improved performance and increased flexibility allow these websites to deliver value much faster and reach higher ROI. A headless architecture opens up the possibility to take advantage of the latest technology, without the constraints of a pre-built platform. It’s also a sensible choice long-term, allowing you to cut costs and release updates much faster than with traditional content management systems.

Headless website examples

Discover how we’ve developed headless websites for our clients.

Headless website for the largest directory of preclinical cancer models

We’ve built a blazing-fast, headless website for the biomedical research industry’s new digital standard. As an innovator in their own space, the client was eager to take advantage of our unique process. We’ve integrated the website with the client’s SaaS solution using cutting-edge technology. Our team added a ton of character based on their fantastic branding guidelines.

Did you know…

WordPress can be made into a headless (or decoupled) CMS

Headless WordPress is a setup where the customer-facing front of your website (“the head”) runs on a different architecture than the CMS itself (“the body”). WordPress is not an ideal CMS for headless websites, but it’s still a feasible choice thanks to its popularity.

Let’s talk about your headless website

Our team uses a combination of innovative Design Sprint workshops and agile web development to deliver headless websites. Learn more about our process or get in touch for an introductory call with our founder, Tomasz.