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We are very excited to work with Dawid on future projects. Below you can find a short interview so you can learn more about him.

What book have you recently read?

It was The Secret Agent, an entertaining book for a die-hard football fan like me, but honestly, this might be the toughest question you could’ve asked because I barely read books anymore. I have devoured an insane amount of them in the past – as a child I loved Harry Potter (and still do), I’ve read a lot of Tolkien’s books and most (if not all) of Ludlum’s, to name a few. I was playing online poker for a living for a good few years and I’ve read a ton of books about all aspects of the game, most notably the mental aspect. These books have taught me a lot, but currently reading a book rarely is the most efficient way to spend my time and if that’s the case, I just won’t do it – especially with the abundance of online content in many shapes and forms.

I have a small pile of football books I might slowly get through, mostly for the entertainment aspect, but at this point in my life, they’re way down on the priority list.

How did IT become your thing?

It felt natural for me to pursue an IT career having an analytical mind and being tech-savvy from an early age. I’ve spent a lot of time using computers before starting IT studies and everything about it was naturally easy for me. After all, I owe programmers for the insane amount of fun I’ve had (and still have) by using my computer. Even though I’m not developing my favourite content (video games – no surprise there), it still feels rewarding knowing I can bring good experiences to web users by helping build the perfect websites.

What are you most looking forward to about your time here?

Above everything else, I’m an Internet user like each and every one of you. I get irritated by non-functional websites on a daily basis and working at NerdCow gives me a platform to change this. Surely it won’t outright fix the Internet for everyone, but the change has to start somewhere and we want to be the change. Most websites are built for profit and treated as an expense, but they should be built for people, as an investment – and the irony is that the most profitable websites are the people-centric ones, not the ones built with profit in mind.

Don’t take my word for it. You might list a lot of reasons behind Amazon’s growth, but one thing that will always come up when talking about their huge success is the user experience on their website. They wouldn’t be anywhere near their current position on the market if their website was sub-par. If your site is bad, people leave it and most of them never come back. Ultimately it’s a waste of money for businesses and also a waste of time for their visitors. If you can think of a better way to kill two birds with one stone than building thought through websites, please tell me about it!

What fascinates you the most about websites?

The same thing that fascinates me about programming in general, even though for websites it’s a bit on a different level. It’s the sheer amount of possibilities that come with a website. You can use it to promote your brand, educate your visitors, provide entertainment or online service, sell your products, put out interesting content – the list goes on and on.

Due to their nature, websites have more constraints than traditional applications, but they also have one huge advantage that I’ve mentioned before in a short piece about Chrome AR – they’re universally accessible on multiple devices. You don’t need anything other than your phone, your tablet or your computer. So I’d say the pairing of possibilities and accessibility is what fascinates me about websites.

What does your ideal project look like?

It might be surprising to some but my ideal project has nothing to do with the technical aspect thereof, actually. While we never shy away from a challenging project, we always believe – and know – that we have a skill set sufficient to complete it while meeting and possibly exceeding even the highest of expectations.

My ideal project is all about people. Having a team that works like a well-oiled machine and understanding the needs of the client are the only factors that impact whether the project is ideal or not.

What is your favourite goat breed?

Cats are GOAT*.

* – greatest of all time

Feel free to connect with Dawid on LinkedIn or drop him a line.

Originally published Nov 08, 2018 11:13:38 AM, updated May 27 2023.

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